Squadron 1: Honda Civic

Straight out of Florida, this charismatic civic caught my eye on sunworks site, which lead me onto his team Squadron 1 out in Florida.  Another top notch crew from the sunshine state.    I really dig the Optimus Prime valve cover, alot of detail with that..

Check out more from Squadron 1 real soon..

Check out the owners FLickR


  • Thanks for the feature! =D

    • clear ur pms!! lol

  • Phillip

    +1 for S1! Congrats Adam.

  • haha my b. cleared

  • Great feature and great shots. I am also really lookinf foward to more about Squadron One!

  • sweet feature, Adam’s car is mad clean!

  • Nick

    Yoo Adam Your Car has gotten Way Cleaner ever since the FLA Meet man haha