First i want to give a big thank you to the whole Import Alliance crew for hosting such a HUGE event, and doing it in a very well organized way.  Even at the Spring meet held in Atlanta they always manage to organize everything flawlessly.   I saw out of town plates from Indiana-Illinois-Ohio-Carolinas-Texas-Virginia-New Jersey-Florida-Georgia, and a few from California.  The atmosphere at the event was very relaxed and people were very cool and eager to talk about their pride and joy.  My hometown Atlanta as always made a great representation at the event, and shut down the LaQuinta (CLUB QUINTA) parking lot in downtown Nashville by turning it into a nighttime meet itself.  Which even hosted the background for a S3 magazine feature of Atlanta’s finest Accord, right in the midst of the free beer fueled parking lot party.  It was also nice to have the local PD not push us around when no harm was being done, and allow us to chill to the early morning hours.  The northern crew made a hard impression on me, especially Ohio/Indiana/VA/Jersey cars made me stop and look twice.  Another thing i took note was that the Honda crowd is seriously taking these eco-boxes and turning them into works of art.  No more will a suspension and expensive wheels cut the cake in their world.  It takes a full on build with quality parts and paint to even begin to bring it out, but that also goes for the whole import culture itself .

Overall the people and gathering itself overshadowed the cars, and I want to thank everyone who came out to the event and supporting the scene be it in a Honda or not.  See you next year….


Here are a few of my personal pictures..more to come from the real photo crew soon!

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  • Austin

    pictures look great!

  • zach

    do you have anymore pictures of my 240, the white one in the picture with the red 5th gen prelude on the track

    • the one on the track? if so i think i have another shot of it on the track..

  • Jason (J_Naoto)

    you’re jitb on the forums right?? wish i knew you were there, would have said wassup. my car didnt make the trip though… nice pics!

    • yea man thats me!… dam maybe next year…lol

  • thegovanator

    Man my 7 looks nice hahahahaha

  • You guys had really good coverage of IA, really nice pics. I wanna thank ya for showing us lots of luv.

    • no problem! good too see those rides in person!