Waking the Dead Si

KameraBoy’s words

With very little recognition being given to the fitment scene in Louisiana, Josue’s FG2 acts as a wake up call for those that have been sleeping for eternity, and gets the scene out the grave and into the light.

Good amount of poke, and a tad bit of “stanky leg” camber makes a good rear fitment shot..

17×9.5 +15 MB Battles
Buddyclub N+
Skunk2 V2 Camber Arms
2 Sets of Camber Bolts

Joseph Dale SF Owner/Editor Born in Houston, Texas Lives in Atlanta, GA Mazda Lover
  • Mustang nick

    ehhh. I’ll still smoke it in the v6 😉

  • Justin Nava

    Nice work Derek!
    Those battles are roudy! Looks amazing!

  • Golf

    the pictures are boring a little bit too dark
    cool car another stanced si

  • Mustangs suck.

    Hey Mustang Nick,
    An SI pound for pound leaves a v6 stang in the dust.


  • Mustangs are garbage

    I agree with what mustangs suck said.