Concours D’Elegance – Amelia Island

Words and Photography by Andy Carter

It doesn’t take long to realize that you are in a different world when you arrive at the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island during the annual Concours D’Elegance.  With Cessnas buzzing overhead and uncorked race-prepped V8’s thundering around you, you start to wonder if you might should have parked your RSX somewhere else and rode the shuttle taxi in.  But that’s where Concours is different.  These are serious car guys. Granted, every event of this caliber is going to have its share of those who are only interested in buying and selling cars as commodities, but most of the owners are more than happy to chat about their car.  They are just like us (but with bigger wallets). There are essentially three segments of cars at the Concours D’Elegance; new cars being shown by dealers (your typical luxury and exotic brands, many of which are available for test drive), cars for auction, and cars for the show.  What amazes me though, is the sheer variety of automobiles present.  Where else can you see a $650k barnyard-find rusted Ferrari, a bagged 50’s Buick concept car, and a full carbon Bugatti in one place?  The show presents the perfect chance to not only see cars that you have never heard of, but to see those cars that previously only existed in your Gran Turismo garage. The best part?  It’s free to check out.  While the actual show on Sunday requires a entry fee, visitors are welcome to come up on Friday and Saturday to explore the grounds and get an up close look at all the cars involved.  So if you have the means (or if you are like me and don’t), I’d highly recommend giving it a shot next year.

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