Quick Shots: Ms. Officer

Me personally being an observer of pictures rather than an actual photographer.  I really enjoy automotive pictures that do more than just show a car and a backdrop.  But photos that tell you a story or make your mind drift off onto another place!  These pictures from Lee Ramsden out of the UK do that exactly.  Imagine a dark twisted world policed by Miata driving ladies dressed in leather outfits, and knee high boots…nightmare or fantasy?


As like most photographers i have had lots of ideas floating about in my note books and so it is time to start creating these images.

The following idea kinda grew out of something else.
The girl friend has got a new car, a lovely little Mazda MX5, which is great fun in the summer with the roof down by the way.
Being mega happy like a big kid i thought that it would be nice to take some pictures for her with her new toy.

I had the idea of long boots and jacket with the car right from the kick off, but was looking for the right location to set it. A fellow photographer friend suggested this place as it has all the items that i was looking for,
Cobbled streets, iron fire escape – it was perfect.

Read the rest of Lee’s motivation behind these pictures on his blog.


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