Larger Than Life

Words by Andy Carter | Photography by Rick Lee

Imagine, if you will, that it’s 1999.  Depending on your age, you are either riding in your mom’s Suburban or driving your own car around jamming out to some Third Eye Blind.  You hear something like a demonic lawn mower closing in, and suddenly a lime green blur zooms by.  Candy paint, huge widebody kit, massive wing; the car resembles something more alien than anything terrestrial.  He’s not concerned with whether his sidemarkers are JDM or how rare his wheels are, he just wants to make sure that his car gets noticed by EVERYONE around.  His style is loud, ridulous, and over-the-top.  Fast forward to 2011.  The average tuner now has a stock bodied car with a couple of subtle aero pieces, painted a stock color, lowered a couple inches closer to the ground, and sporting another car’s stock wheels.