Quick Shots: Sweet little Luce

Just gong through some of my old pictures from the internet I saved.  I came across the car back way before the stance craziness hit  the US.  At the time the Cressida’s were becoming very popular, and I found these pictures when someone had mistaken it for a Cressida on one of the many forums I frequent.  Its in fact a Mazda 929, and its called the Luce in its homeland of Japan, there was a somewhat special edition version called the Royal Classic which was powered by a 13b Turbo rotary.

The side profile just screams 80’s japanese classic design

Some people like to go leather, but some prefer the soft cloud feel of plush seats.  Its always refreshing to see older cars kept in such great condition, and they still retain their luxury look and feel many years later.

The mildly upgraded 1jz sits right at home like it belongs.

I would truly want to see what this car looks like now, and if the owner kept up with the car or sold it.  If anyone seen this car around the net or even in person please give us a shout!

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