Khris H: Southrnfresh Grillin N Chillin Coverage

Better late than never Khris H. came through with his camera perspective of the meet held on April 16th at Mainstream Performance.  Once again a great turnout coupled with the serious chill like atmosphere that surrounds all our gatherings got us all ready for Import Alliance the next day.  All the usual local superstars were in attendance, to greet the out of town crowd with southern hospitality.


Dwayne showing sporting his favorite hat!

Parker’s STI getting some new numbers

Brad giving joyrides in his STI

Josh’s Buschur built Evo MR looking pretty.

Super stealth 2.3 Turbo Swapped Ford Ranger

Get a very nice surprise at the stop light if this pulls up next to you.

Will making a rare appearance in his 4door integra

Joe pulling up in his RHD EG

It dont take much….a very well executed Civic Si

Will’s Db1 Integra

Quick shot of the entry stroll, and some of the attendees

Charlie’s Civic Si

Charlie’s Civic Si, and Tubby’s Fit

Tuan and his Integra made it in from Alabama to kick it with us!

All the way from Virginia, Jason stopped by and showed us some love.

Very Clean Honda Element from South Georgia, built for SEMA a few years back.

Once again the Civic crowd knows the correct formula to make them look just right.

Stunning Supra from Alabama

Matt’s Type R all the way from Alabama.

Once again clean civic

Alot of comments on this Protege, not used to seeing these down here.

The purple was just nasty under the sunlight.

Another VA resident made the trip down to hang with us.

About 1 gallon worth of money on that strut bar.

Very well put together Cube

Out of Tennessee representing Track one.

The Mango Tango Machine arrived.

George’s Paxton S/C GT ready to burnout!

Dwayne’s Volvo sitting pretty

A True SiR CRX was in the house also glassroof and all.

One of Mainstream’s toys coming back from some fun…

Cliff’s static G35 Sedan

Ive never been able to meet the owner of this vehicle, but he is always in attendance at all our gatherings!  One of my favorite cars in Atlanta!

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