Juan’s Datsun 620

Juan and his Datsun have always been in attendance at many events since its completion, and we have never been able to meet the owner.  But Juan actually contacted us about featuring his Truck…lucky us!


Juan had been looking for a nice project Datsun truck for about a year, and he came across this truck in the grass rotting away like most nostalgic classics. It was in horrible condition, but for 200$ a complete Datsun 620 was a steal.  Juan has worked on this truck for 9 months religiously everyday and breathed new life back into a classic pickup with a little Japanese vintage and US flare all combined in one.

Juan told us that he started the build by getting the truck running correctly.  So the stock L18 motor was brought back to life with anything new he could find, with the addition of a header, and weber carb.

The rest of the truck was brought back to life with the help of a parts truck that Juan bought, to replace some body panels that could not be saved on his project truck.  The front spoiler from out West supplied by a dedicated Datsun truck body part fabricator.

The wheel setup is a set of staggered set of 15×8/15×10 Eagle alloy wheels , and along with the suspension setup it gives the truck a aggressive “battle ready” look when its in your rear view mirror.  The truck still retains the 6 lug pattern also.

Thanks to Juan for coming out and spending his Sunday afternoon with us!  And showing the world his build, and letting it known that all the old school classics are not out West! 🙂


Joseph Dale SF Owner/Editor Born in Houston, Texas Lives in Atlanta, GA Mazda Lover