HellaFlush Japan Coverage

Be sure to check out Fatlace’s Hellaflush Japan at the world famous Mt. Fuji!

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The event was awesome. From what we heard from Fuji’s main office, it was the largest event they’ve ever had in that part of the race track. Its very humbling to know that such a little idea that started in 2004 has turned into something people understand globally. We’ve had Hellaflush in the US, UK, Hawaii and Japan this year and Im personally hoping to do a few more countries next year to help people understand what its’ all about.


It’s been a while since I’ve attended an automotive event, and I was long overdue in going out for a taste of Japan’s import automotive scene since arriving here in February.  When I heard Fatlace was to bringing their Hellaflush car show to Japan, I was a bit skeptical to see how the show would turn out since it’s a U.S. based car show.  It definitely caught me by surprise, the love and support the Japanese automotive community has for Fatlace for all they are doing to revolutionize the automotive culture to what it is today.  I’ve been to quite a bit of car shows over the years and this show totally blew up all my past expectations I had for the quality of car builds in a car show…


Admittedly I didn’t know what to expect when heading to Fuji Speedway on Saturday morning. My only exposure to the Hellaflush movement has been through what I’ve seen on the internet and maybe what a few fans of the style have done over here in Japan. Doing my first quick walkthrough the display area where the Hellaflush Japan gathering was being held, I quickly realized that this was very different from what most people would expect to see at such a meet. This is Japan of course, and things are done differently!