Kimo’s Mustegra

Im sure most of you all have seen or heard of this car at one point in time, whether you have seen it on the Internet or saw it in S3 Magazine in the past.  And I am sure you have heard of Team Sunworks  as well, both this car and Team Sunworks are familiar in the Honda community.  Even before the dramatic transformation the car was a car that some did not care for at all or loved it.  Loved because it was recognizable among a sea of simplicity, and not liked for the same reason.  But that never was of any concern to Kimo, and I realize and understand that most people who build cars for the right reasons never care what “they” have to say.  With anything out of the box its never understood by everyone or liked.  But regardless of the fact the man loves what he has created.   The amount of work involved is best viewed in his 43 Page build thread.  We honor Kimo’s thinking out of the box approach and determination to do something like this without spending a ton of money, and still doing it the right way.

We were lucky enough to get a video  feature done all the way from Houston, TX by Dennis Nguyen and Mark Razmandi.  So Kimo himself can give us a quick breakdown of the car and how this creation came about.

Photos by: Jason Scott


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