Cliff’s G35 Sedan

Cliff’s G35 Sedan may be a familiar site on the site, but this is the first chance that we were able to set up some photo time and get some photos of our own of it.  We posted some photos from James Fleishel this summer (Cliff’s G35 Sedan : Rock Solid).  Since than Cliff has changed his wheels to 20×9.5-10.5 Work Meister S2, and says he is gonna roll with these for a good while.  Another change was Cliff’s front bumper, on the way back from Import Alliance this summer his old front end felt victim to a semi truck tire.  But other than that the Sedan has remained its same classy slammed characteristics.  Cliff is a firm believer in static fitment and continues to drive his car daily at this height with fender and lip millimeters from each other.


20×9.5 – 10.5 Work Meister S2

Static driven daily..

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