Lou’s Turbo EK

We bring to you another stylish and original Honda from Atlanta.  Built by Mainstream Performance and packed with a 280hp turbocharged D16.  This car is full of personal touches inside and out.

I personally have known Lou for a few years, and he is the type of guy that does what he wants how he wants and rides out.  He also lives a nice life doing what he loves, which is playing golf.  But he never left his love for Hondas behind, Lou was best known for his EG hatch he built back years ago that he sold and it fell into the wrong hands and slowly deteriorated by way of bad owners.  After playing with a few other cars, Lou stepped back in the Honda world with this EK hatch and picked up were he left off with the single cam.  Built by James Emino @ Mainstream he was able to push almost 300hp out of the turbocharged D16.  

The plan was to take pictures at PDK airport at a hangar.  But when we arrived one of Lou’s friends who just so happens to sell private jets was there, and was able to maneuver the plane for us.  The fact that he had that pull was pretty cool, and it was funny to see the people at the airport eyeballing us while we maneuver a 7 million dollar plane around a civic.  But I always find great motivation from people that find their “thing” in the world and are able to make a good living for themselves.  I truly hope everyone else is doing the same or at least working towards it.


Check out the front profile, you can see the front poke for the parking lot, and the front mount for the highway pulls.

The rear poke may or may not be your style, but its pushing it to the extreme with the 16×8 up front and 16×9 out back.

We were lucky enough to get some space in PDK airport, and with Lou’s connections there we were able to get the plane at our disposal!

The interior may look like some random cloth wrapping but its coordinating with some other parts of the vehicle.

The airbrushed art on the hood is a example of the originality and coordination build of the Ek

The car still retains the single cam D16, but it was built by Mainstream Performance.


Joseph Dale SF Owner/Editor Born in Houston, Texas Lives in Atlanta, GA Mazda Lover