Luke’s Mercedes 240 Diesel

To most of us in Atlanta Luke is known for his Honda Accord, that will always be his first love.  But being a all around car guy, Luke decided to take a shot in the dark with something different.  And got a steal of a deal on the 240D, being a diesel powered car it still ran like a champ despite the age.  And it took nothing but a good set of BBS RS to get it looking right.

Luke is a 100% do it yourself type of guy, and regardless of what he wants to do to the car.  He will always figure out a way to get it done with his own 2 hands.  The build has just began with the Mercedes so stay tuned for more.

 Once you have taken that step towards learning and creating your own masterpiece yourself.  You find yourself with something that is priceless.


Check out the Benz on the Dyno putting out a killer 44hp!

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