Mariano’s New Orleans Supra Bounty Hunter

Mariano Castillo’s Toyota Supra from New Orleans, LA isn’t your normal highway cruiser or Sunday driver. It’s a 1,000 HP single turbo monster that eats up the interstate miles around the city. This car has seen numerous engine builds and multiple set ups, and might never be done. But one thing is for sure it does more than just look good. 


 Some words from Mariano himself:

My car has a long history, it’s basically a product from all the supra meets in houston(TX2K – TX2K12).  My setup changes every year to make more HP, But this year my car didn’t get completed on time so there is no current HP number.  Next month my car will get shipped to a new shop(Sound Performance)and they’ll be finishing up what my old builder(Chris Johnson) couldn’t.  Chris Johnson is one of the original owners from Boost Logic and they are the first ones to touch my car. The 2 owners sold the shop one year after they built my car back in 2008, in an effort to try to keep the same builder for my car I hunted down CP and he continued to build my car up until this year. Since I was very unhappy with his work this time and a few other things that I haven’t liked in the past, I’m finally leaving him and taking the car to Sound Performance. The guy is a great builder but it’s time for me to move on.

However you can definitely see how much HP my car has made on all the setups: 
771whp with a PTE 71mm turbo all boost
836whp PTE 71mm and 50shot of nos
936whp with a PTE 76mm billet all boost
And still waiting till next month for the new number, btw it’s going back on nitroust. And lastly, at the end of this year right before TX2K13(as usual) I’m going for my last and final HP number, gonna get a bigger IC, bigger piping, got enough fuel already and a HUGE turbo, and any other little thing they advise me to get, shooting for 1300whp++.


PTE 76mm billet turbo,

Greddy 3row IC,

 90mm Wilson throttle body,

Tial waste gate recirculated,

Twin hks ssqv bov’s,

Hks 272 cams,

Greddy catch can and greddy 16row oil cooler,

Rps carbon twin disc clutch,

Tein flex suspension,

Triple walbro fuel pumps,

2000cc ID injectors,


 18in. ADV1 Trackspec 5’s Textured black center, matte black lips and inner well (9.5front, 11.5rear )

Bfg kdw2 front tires

Nitto drag radials rear tires


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