VIP Brothers

We tried something new this weekend at our events, we asked attendees to submit photos of their cars to be put up front on the front row.  Not to segregate, but just to be able to be sure that cars that need to be seen are seen.  It led to a great response, and it also lead to being presented with local cars that I have never seen before right in our own backyard.  These 2 cars are a perfect example of this, Marus & Marvin have been around this area for sometime representing Insane Stance & Offset in Georgia.

Unfortunately Marus & Marvin went out to another event being held at Lexus earlier in the day along with their ISO members so they arrived later on when most of the crowd left .  We were in the back doing some  solo shots of some of the shots, and Marus & Marvin rolled through.  I believe one of the Canibeat photographers were in process of doing some photos of the cars when i walked over and introduced myself to Marus & Marvin.  And after he was done they came over and kicked it with us for a few for some photos.

As usual our photo sessions turn into hours of talking and just kicking it in random areas, so enjoy the set of photos by  KHRIS H. &  JON DAVIS .

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