Formula D 2012 Round 2 Road Atlanta v.3 : The Action!

So we finally got around to the action shots from Formula D Round 2 for you all.  We took tons of photos from the weekend, so I picked out some of the best photos we have from the whole weekend.  As mentioned in the first FD post, this year it was filled with hometown heroes involved in the activities all weekend long.  One of our favorites before the event even started was Daigo Saito, but the field was really competitive.  There were a few guys that gained tons of new fans, one of them being Chelsea Denofa out of Houston Texas, and Jon Maeng in the 3 Rotor Rx8.

Like I mentioned earlier we have way too many pictures to post, so we will focus on the superstars of the weekend or the ones we enjoyed the most, and some of the better photographs, but you can check out all the photos in our flickr.

Photos By: Jon Davis,Tim Easterday, and Jason Scott

Austin Meek’s 2jZ powered G35 Sedan.  One of the coolest cars to see sliding sideways was running in the Pro Am.

Pat Mordaunt

 Miro Ovcharik

 Michael Essa, If I am not mistaken this car ran last year, and it was having a real hard time in Atlanta and never got a good run.  But it did very well this year, I believe its making a lot more power now.

Emanuel Amandio

Ken Gushi in the new FR-S, did not make much smoke..but it was good to hear the boxster sound every now and than in between the rumbling V8s.

Matt Field

Conrad Grunewald

DAIJIRO YOSHIHARA, One of his coilovers busted in the middle of his run Saturday, and the car started throwing sparks, as you can see Dai did not let up.

Chris Forsberg


Daigo Saito, The battle between Daigo and Gittin was pretty tense as well.  Gittin being the icon of what Diago’s car was built to defeat, it was pretty cool to see this match in person.  The end result was just entertaining, for the crowd and Daigo fans atleast!

Ryan Kado

One of the crowd favorites Joon Maeng, not only from his skill and smoke trail, but from the sound of the 3 Rotor Turbo in the Rx8, has an amazing sound mixed in with the sound of the constant backfiring exhaust.  I took a short video of Joon Maeng on his return after a run..listen to the 3 Rotor!

Danny George

Vaughn Gittin Jr. 


When stuff like this happens, you realize that these guys are truly professionals. You come down  a hill at 90-100mph sliding sideways and the guy in front of you looses it, and you still are able to escape an accident, do a dirt drop and finish the run.

Gabe Stone

Rhys Millen

Robbie Nishida

Patrick Goodin

Kyle Mohan

Kenneth Mohan

Dennis Mertzanis

Toshiki Yoshioka’s VQ38 powered S15

Walker Wilkerson

Chelsea Denofa did great the whole weekend.  I was told to keep a out for him by Jason, he always puts on a huge smoke screen out of his 777hp M3 sedan.  

While up top at the starting line one of the best runs of the weekend took place, and the atmosphere was tense and as Chelsea and Daigo lined up to run.  I was up top next to Chelsea, before he ran and  I could see that he had his game face on.   When they lined up, almost all of the crew and drivers came to the starting line to watch the run.  The run was held up for about 15 minutes because there was some oil on the track.  So as Chelsea and Daigo lined up, I overhead Gittin say to another guy that Chelsea has a big chance to knock him out because his car was one of the few that can out smoke his car.  It was a very tense moment for both sides, Daigo seemed to have a iron look on his face like he was ready to go to battle.  Chelsea’s face kind of revealed like this was his time to shine and he has the chance to knock out one of the most popular drivers.  As you watch their first run, you can hear Gittin say “come on Chelsea” during the first run.  Just to hear Gittin speak about his ability was really cool.

Round 2 of them going at it, was make or break for Chelsea, and to me I do believe there should have been a 1 more time.  The drivers had to give a round of applause for that run.   I am really hope those 2 get to run again in Palm Beach.

George Marstanovic

Tyler Mcquarrie

Fredric Aasbo

Tony Angelo

Ryan Tuerck

Matt Powers

Justin Pawlak, took home first place for Round 2.

That concludes our Formula Coverage there are plenty more photos to be seen that we will put up later on one of our social media outlets.  And next weekend we will be heading down to Palm Beach for Round 3. 

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