Formula D 2012 Round 3| Invasion at Palm Beach Day 1

We are still in Palm Beach for Round 3 of Formula D,  but before we head out for the main event we have some photos from qualifying.  The track layout is totally different from Road Atlanta.  Personally, I am not a fan of flat tracks for any kind of motorsport. I always prefer a track with elevation changes that force the driver to higher speeds downhill or requiring more power for going uphill. However, the layout here has its good points–the walls and the close contact with the crowd.  You can literally get a spray of burned rubber in the face when standing at the fence.  This track is still in its growing stages, only being the second year hosting a FD event, so they are still trying to perfect the layout to satisfy the drivers and the audience.  The track also seems to truly test a driver’s skill by holding their speed and keeping up the momentum through the tight S-turn in the middle.  So it will be good to see who will be able to take home the podium today.

I will admit the current layout is not the friendliest to the media, but we managed to do what we can to get some shots of the action. We will have plenty more photos of the pits and other stills to come during the week. Until then, enjoy this set of photos!

Photos by: Perri Minot


Ryan Tuerck’s car sitting pretty under their tent.

It’s hard to make up your mind!

Tony Angelo suffered electrical problems all during practice/qualifying.

Ken Gushi’s FR-S

Matt Powers’ LS7 powered S14

Ornelas Jr. was able to score a new transmission just in time to compete at Palm Beach.

Coomes drops one hard and loses a tire.

The Smoke Train!

Chris Ward representing the home team!

Vaughn Gittin qualified 1st!