Red Bull Soap Box Derby

Few events are able to draw a crowd like the Red Bull Soap Box Derby. Red Bull has held this successful event around the world and chooses locations in select cities in the U.S. each year. Lucky for us, Atlanta was chosen once again along with Dallas. It’s been 3 years since we had the pleasure of seeing the elaborate creations by the teams, both cars and costumes, zoom past while dodging obstacles and flying off ramps.  Thousands of onlookers line the sidewalks of 10th street in midtown Atlanta, waiting to see the shenanigans that are about to unfold.

Photos by: Kent Foster

Looking down the starting ramp at the race course.

The costumes are just as important as the cars. With Atlanta being the home of Cartoon Network, how can you not have Bedrock in the house?

Good to see the NASA funding being spent well!

Truth in marketing.

Gettin’ sideways!

We get Presidential approval.

Georgia Tech making a statement.

“You won’t like me when I’m angry.”

Beer and camber? Sounds good to me!

All the way from Gotham City.


Running away from Monica apparently.

I wonder does he know it’s a one way trip?

I hope you enjoyed our coverage of the Red Bull Soap Box Derby! You can view the full gallery on our Flickr.