Wüste 2012 | Las Vegas

When you hear the word Wüste, you probably think “what the heck is Wüste?” Well, Wüste , a German word meaning desert, is one of the few European car events held on the West Coast in the desert city of Las Vegas, NV. It isn’t just a car show though, it’s a 3 day celebration of our love and passion for our cars whether it be a Volkswagen, Audi, or even a Mini Cooper. When I first walked into Palace Station’s parking lot where the show was held, the atmosphere had totally changed from boring and quiet to exciting and lively. I was ecstatic to see all of the cars all shined up and aired to the floor with their polished BBS, CCWs, and Borbets shining in the Las Vegas sun.

The show wasn’t just limited to that one lot however, 4 stories of the casino’s garage were filled up with cars just attending the show and even more in the dirt lot on the ground level. I enjoyed seeing all of these miraculous machines but I enjoyed meteing the owners who built them just as much. At Wüste you don’t see just a sole type of car owner but rather a big melting pot of enthusiasts, young and old. It was a nice change from the import scene that I have grown accustomed to.

Throughout the evening the show didn’t die out like most other shows but just kept growing and growing. More cars kept rolling into the garage filling up whatever space was left. The garage was just as exciting as the main show-and-shine lot. There was even a group of people playing beer bong on someones MKII Jetta! In general Wüste is where to go to see beautiful, meticulously built Euros and to have a great time with friends, new and old, and even people you don’t know! If anybody happens to be in town during next year’s event or are on the fence about going, I highly suggest attending because you will not have any regrets. Now enough of these words–on to the pictures!

Words and Photos by Guest Contributor: Paulo Jurisprudencia

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