OKStance: Tyler Williams’ EG

Check out this super clean EG from our friends at OKStance!

Work hard, play hard – that’s the name of the game when you are super slammed and super fitted. Everything on the road is your enemy. Every dip, pothole, and curb must be avoided at all costs. Oklahoma has a few veterans in the fitment game that have been doing it since 2010 and beyond. My favorite of those has to be Tyler Williams. Everyone remembers his humble diamond racing wheel setup here. Going through oil-pans, break-ins, and some mechanical issues from that were just some of his overcomings. Now, after going through a new paint, new camber, new wheels – his setup is flawless. Though he is hardly ever satisfied for very long – it outdoes what most cars dream to do with their fitment. So now, may i officially introduce you to the new, and much improved 92 VX Civic.

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