Import Alliance Summer 2012 Charlotte v.2

Back again with part 2 of Import Alliance summer meet coverage , most of the pictures are from Saturday and a few from Sunday.  Check out part 1 here if you have not seen it already!

Start off with this EM1 on BBS

It caught my attention mainly from the  shade of blue, it was really  bright  deep color.   The bay is  Downstar Bolted down with spiked bolts.

Another EM1 on CCWs,  with some  wide fender work front and back, I dig it.  Made the trip all the way from Wisconsin!

EK Hatch on  Lover Souls 

Liked the look of this CD7 Accord from Canada

Accord up from Florida

Another favorite from Florida representing Team V2LAB.  First saw this car in person earlier in the spring for the Auto Combine.  At the previous years there would be no sign of Florida at Import Alliance, glad to see the Florida guys making the trip.

Mugen themed EF sedan from Florida.  I feel like I am repeating myself  when I say what is my favorite, but this was also a favorite of mine.  Very well put together.

Matt Man’s  Miata gets so much love every time we post it up.  Really nice car he has put together in 2 years,, he has changed up his setup slightly.  Last time  we saw him at our Welcome To Atlanta meet for IA Spring meet, he was slammed  on stretched tires.

As you can see that is not the case anymore. 

Even more was the addition of the ITB setup on the  B6.  You will see plenty more of this car in the coming months!

Matt also had  the  August Issue of Import Tuner up in his  dashboard, his car was front and center on the front page of the feature.  Every time I see that spread  in the mag, it  lets me know that the work we do here pays off and that people are actually looking and paying attention to what we do. 

Gorgeous Spoon  themed Type R

M3 Sedan

Cool Subaru World Rally Replica

1jz powered Toyota Corona Wagon

One of  our past features from last year out of North Carolina.  Looks to be  Naturally Aspirated now, check it out HERE.

J swaps are being more common more and more.  By the looks of the Jaguar bags over the strut towers it looks like the car is from Florida.   Very nice looking color combo.

This old Apache truck was pretty dope, clearly it stood out in the see of imports.

I am pretty sure the truck was bagged by looking at the height, and I think i saw it  raise up when it was leaving.

All the homies chilling under the tent in the truck bed

Love this coupe to death! 

I always look at Import Alliance as a vacation and I was not up to driving my vehicle to Charlotte , my buddy Cliff was nice enough to lend me his civic to drive for the weekend since he was gonna ride with someone else.  Than he  ended up riding with me in it, which eventually made me his driver…lol.  

Really nice color on this NA Miata, looks to be  a little lighter than the  OEM mariner blue paint.

It was so hot outside so I took breaks in between taking pictures at the Volatile booth.  And there was a crowd of dudes  around  the booth so I thought they were making some sales.  But it was some of the Tuner Evolution models  getting some photos with guys.  As I sat in my seat, I took this photo..

I was just snapping this photo just because, just by coincidence it looks like the young gal is diggin for gold…hahaha

Gregg from S3 magazine 

BMW M3 sitting out on the outskirts of the lot

Another car on the outskirts

3rd Generation Civic hatch with a DOHC ZC, cool car I am sure a lot of folks missed this. 

Zeb’s GS300 from ISO

KTuning’s K20 powered FD, was the talk of the weekend, personally I think it is a cool build even being a Mazda fan boy myself.  

Smitty’s M45 looking flawless as usual

More shots of SEENIT!’s scooters

Fell in love with this FD  as people started to head out .

Custom widened fenders in the rear

The FD has some of the best lines ever on any car, these fenders were done  very well.

I overheard the owner say it makes about 500hp on low boost.  

Gorgeous car!

K powered Integra in the Ktuned booth.

Never met the owner, but I know the owner of the car is named “Joy” and it is a great build.  Good to finally see it in person.  Little things like the black alternator go a long way.  Instead of overwhelming the bay with chrome and polished everything, running the black accents under the chrome is just right to me, minor details go along way!

I am guessing the tag translates to Red Devil.

J Swapped Del Sol

And throw a big blower on top of it..

Fully functional Transtop

Taking photos at big shows, you always have to deal with this.  I sat there and waited at least 2 minutes for a clear shot of the car, and as soon as I click these two  beautiful ladies walk in the way…..

But I held strong for another minute, and got a shot of this Del Sol.

K20 in the trunk that seemed to have a full makeover of the rear suspension in order to make it work.

Gas tank mounted up front.

VH45 powered S13, one of the prettier drift cars.

Accord from New York on VIP Modular wheels

Photo of Don Napier’s civic coupe

Don applying some vinyl

That is all of my pictures from IA weekend there are still a few left to get up this weekend.  The rest of the weekend we spent hotel hopping and kicking it all around Charlotte.  Overall Charlotte was a great host for the weekend, and  I am excited for next year.  Good choice Don!


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