Import Alliance Summer 2012 Charlotte v.1

So finally we are getting started with our coverage of Summer Import Alliance.  This year in a totally new location away from traditional Nashville Speedway and out further east in Zmax Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina.   At first word of the event being held in Charlotte I was little worried it would not be the same.  For us Georgia folks Summer Import Alliance is sort of a group vacation.  Georgia has a huge  automotive crowd but its fairly tight and everyone pretty much knows everyone some way or another.  The past few years with IA being in Nashville  we have made even more friends and connections with the locals in Nashville from house parties to cookouts our weekend in Nashville was always full of events around the city and the actual event was almost like a resting point for everyone to catch up on sleep.

Zmax Raceway was a great venue for this event, it seemed almost perfect.  One thing that I really felt that IA really needed was to have some of the nicer cars separated from the spectator cars.  Naturally IA is not that type of event , but some of the nicer cars end up in the vendor area.  In Nashville  vendors were stuffed in the garage area , while it is shaded it would still get very hot and be jam packed with people.  At Zmax the vendors and most of the foot traffic was under the stands and it provided a great escape from the sun and the scorching heat.  It also allowed regular folks to hang out in the shade for awhile and eat.   The outside parking lot sat below the  grandstand area , so you had a whole view of the spectator lot which was pretty cool.  IA being a more of a meet over a actual car show its easy for things to get  our of hand  and it can become a big mess.  They always seem to have  plenty of staff to help, but this time they actually had people parking the spectator cars as they arrive, instead of just letting people in and having them park themselves.  Most of this organization was due to the fact  that the venue was setup so well to make parking  entry and exiting very easy.  I was very pleased with the layout of the venue so hopefully Don brings IA Summer back to Charlotte next year!

There are a lot of photos to post up, and I will  more than likely post up all of them on the site so  it will take a few posts. Richard, Khris H, and myself  brave the crazy heat and got some photos, enjoy!

One of  my personally favorite  cars from IA, this low mileage all originally (besides the obvious)  RX7 from up north.  I was told that the paint is all original!  I also think Canibeat did a shoot of it also, so stay tuned for that.

Another car from up north Saab 9-2x on Autostrada Modena wheels.

In years past I think we have seen this car in the CCW booth.  This year it was in its battle form on the slicks.

Big Turbo 2J SC

Carlos Santana’s Scion TC RS. on Work Varianzas

UCF20 from Team RPM

Mr. Dave Tormey’s S2000 

Not sure what color this Z is, and I can not  remember the name of the wheels.  if you know drop us a line!

EG coupe on Volk Te37

Really liked the setup on the 350Z

Erick Garcia’s White on White Z

Saw some pictures of this EVO X from our  Mitsubishi Appreciation Day coverage.  I also got a picture of this car from a friends job, telling me that we need to feature it.  We certainly will soon!  

Can not have a show in Carolina without this Spoon themed S2k coming out.  Been awhile for a few years, and is still one of the nicest S2ks.

Another North Carolina favorite is this Supercharged  Spoon themed TL, I believe he is related to the S2000 above.

Be Dominguez’s RHD Integra

M3 on Style 5s from ISO

Another favorite  of mine from up north. 

S2000 from NSU on rotiforms

Bagged Two Tone Beagle EE wagon.

IS350 on TE37s crazy graphics on the engine covers

Aplina 7 Series

Tubby’s K Supercharged  fit.

Zen Motors IS300

Josh Densmore’s Wagon in the Volatile Booth

KJ’s Supercharged S2000

Team Emotion NSX

SEENIT!  Ruckus lineup

Team NSU VIP Odyessy 

Marus’s TL and Marcus’s GS from ISO

Unique Auto made the trip down to the south again from NY and NJ

Not sure what front bumper is on this  Subaru so I will just call it Big Mouth  bumper.  If you know  info on this kit drop us a line in the comments!

Another Team NSU civic wagon on the Barramuda wheels, and the only reason I even know these wheels is because of Joey Lee from the chronicles…lol

Gorgeous EK Sedan I believe it was from up north as well

Another gorgeous Ek from Unique Auto.


That is all for the first round of photos, stay tuned for more!

Check out more photos HERE!


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