Brandyn & Eric’s 3 Series

This post started out as a separate post, but coincidentally unplanned we ended up having a photo session with these cars in two different states on the same day.  Turns out that the two guys were actually good friends.  This is also a introduction for Mr. Ty Cobb out of Tennessee that will be contributing to the site.  This means we can finally bring you some good coverage of Tennessee events and some features in the future. 



As mentioned in the Southrnfresh Sunday coverage Brandyn’s 3 Series from Atlanta shows up at pretty much every SF event.  And I always admired the cars look.  Its not much but it follows a pretty simple formula.   But for a senior in high school its a very nice car.  I felt like a old man when I saw a picture of him going to prom on his facebook page…haha.   People are quick to talk bad about a young guy with a nicer car like this.  Because most of us spent our high school years in a  car  that we  started out hating but eventually liked just on the because it was what we had to roll in.  7901712620_e61f87ff90_b.jpg

And we have Eric and his 3 Series out of Memphis, who has made his way from a Honda Prelude  into his grandparents  3 Series.  Eric’s car love affair begin with his grandfather that restored corvettes.  The ideas and thought process and admiration for his build came from VIP cars.  Granted the 3 series is not a car anyone would consider to be anything VIP.  Eric was able to  mimic wheel fitment from the VIP style builds.7898006668_48565c8a79_b.jpg

Brandyn’s car looks like most of the E46 we may see at meets or events.  I am not to close with the BMW community so I am not around a lot of them, so its a fresh look to me.  I just really liked the way the car looked overall and had to share it with our viewers.  7901714932_5a714569ea_b.jpg

Eric’s car has the same simple approach, but his approach seems much more aggressive and demanding with the M3 bumper.7881298330_01879f5ab2_b.jpg

We setup the photo session with Brandyn on a late Sunday afternoon after shooting another car.  At the same time Ty Cobb was in Tennessee doing Eric’s car.  Neither one of us knowing that the two guys were good friends.  7901710592_a95aeaccc1_b.jpg

Brandyn let me know that his buddy in Tennessee was being featured by a website as well.  And he sent me a picture of Eric’s car, at the same time Ty was uploading some sample shots of the car on the flickr.  7881298116_6529e9dd16_b.jpg7901712086_328983302b_b.jpg

Brandyn and Eric were both eager to have their cars posted first, so I had to be fair and do them at the same time.  After 3 years, I still appreciate every feature we do.  And it feels great to be able to give someone pleasure by presenting their cars on here.7892083632_974ef98873_b.jpg

The most appealing part of Brandyn’s car are the wheels, which are rear wheels from a M3 Roadster which are 17×9 +87897004966_0012dbb344_b.jpg

Eric’s car sits on a set of 18×9.5 et 22 VMR V710s wheels7881298688_967329d8c0_b.jpg

Brandyn’s plans on holding on the the car for awhile, and is looking at a M52 swap in the near future.7901713492_c8e95041e8_b.jpg

Eric is entertaining the idea of selling the car, and looking at getting into a true VIP platform car, so we will keep up to date on that.  Thanks for checking out these two cars, and welcome Ty Cobb to the crew from Memphis.  


Joseph Dale SF Owner/Editor Born in Houston, Texas Lives in Atlanta, GA Mazda Lover