Daniel’s Evo X

Today we bring you some photos of Daniel’s Evo X out of Atlanta.  After spotting Daniel’s car at the Mitsubishi Appreciation Day Dyno Day, it became one of our favorites.  Daniel is a new guy to our Atlanta automotive scene and what better way to introduce him to the family than photos.

One of the best features about Daniel’s Evo is the natural menacing look of the car.  It was one of the  most photogenic cars that we ever  took pictures of.  Every angle had a nice look to it,  from the  wide hips to the angry face up front.  We spent about a hour and a half doing photos in the middle of downtown Atlanta.  We had a location picked out for the shoot, but we were told to leave before we even got out of the car.  But we were able to find a nice hideout right smack in the center of Atlanta that was  deserted.


As we rode around downtown Atlanta looking for a not so crowded location with a nice backdrop.  I was so worried about Daniel’s  APR carbon fiber lip being a victim of the horrible Atlanta streets.   Daniel was able to maneuver safely through the humps and bumps without any damage.  

The car has a moderately short modification list of the obvious lip, wheels, and suspension.  Its just a very nice car to look at.  Me and Khris spent a good amount of time  experimenting with the cars  visual charisma.  


The car sits relatively low for a Evo, but we were witness that Daniel  still gets to enjoy what the Evo has to offer when need be.

One of the things that we take pride in is presenting you cars like this in the early stages, and keeping up with the cars as they progress with their build.  Kind of like the first day of school when the teacher partners you up with that one kid that know everybody…lol 

 Being the one to a present a local car to our viewers is more important than being the first to show a car on the internet.  Our scene seems to be a lot different from most cities, we rarely compete against each other.  We always support each other, and we look out for each other like family. 

Last photo of Daniel and his lady Nikki!.  Thanks for looking!

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