Dylan’s Integra Type R

Been awhile since we have featured a Honda on here, so we had to be sure it was one worth while.   We saw Dylan’s car at Import Alliance  Spring Meet in Charlotte for the first time, and we had an attraction for the performance oriented styling of the car.  

The Integra Type R  has always been held to high standards  as a very good performing car , which is why I  personally dig Dylan’s  Integra so much.  The styling of  the car actuates the cars performing character  to a “t”.  Building a car with a mindset of OEM plus has been the mold for most Honda owners the last few years.  And as an outsider looking it, sometimes it gets a bit boring to see the same car re done over and over just in different colors and different wheels.   But  as a Honda owner you are faced with unlimited options for parts that can replace damn near everything.   Truth is that most Honda factory parts will get the job done for the large percentage of what guys do.   Dylan  puts his ITR to work on the weekend whenever possible, so it was necessary for him to take the OEM plus route  a little further.


Dylan’s journey with the ITR started out when he sold his old hatchback to a friend.  He was originally looking for a nice TSX or RSX, but the search  lead him to a particular RSX in Jacksonville, Florida.  Dylan made the trip down in hopes of driving home in the car, but was let down severely as the car was not what he had hoped.  On the way home Dylan came across a  Type R in Louisiana with 57,000 miles on Honda Tech.

The car was already swapped and ran just needed some attention to be 100%.   Dylan and  a friend made the trip down, and picked up the car from the owner that owned the  car since 2003.  The very next day the  car would not start, and was out of commission for  months.

While trying to figure out what was going on, Dylan found out that the car was full of wiring issues and had to be completely redone.  Once the car was back running, Dylan wanted to try and make the car his own.  

Fast forward months later Dylan was introduced to Auto X by a good friend and was hooked on the performance of the ITR in its natural habitat, and was transformed into a weekend warrior.

The ITR does not need much to  be a capable car on the track, the most significant part of the car that was updated was the K20 swap.  At the time of us seeing the car in Import Alliance it was not Supercharged.  The car has became a showcase for Ktuned with their throttle cable,Billet shifter mount,tps,hoses,coil cover,fuel rail and shift cables.  The car makes 300hp with the help of a Jackson Racing supercharger and  was tuned by Morris at Midnight Atl in Woodstock, GA.

Most of the interior remains stock, besides the Recaro seats, and Takata harness.

Dylan runs the  South Carolina  and central Carolina Auto X  and attends as many PDX events as possible.   Dylan is aiming to attend the FF battle next year out on the West Coast.  Check out the OUTLAW RUN, Dylan will be participating in it this weekend.   Thanks for reading!


Hasport mounts

Ktuned throttle cable

Ktuned Billet shifter mount

Ktuned tps

Ktuned hoses

Ktuned coil cover

Ktuned fuel rail

Ktuned cables 

Jackson racing supercharger on 10psi

Buddy club n+ with custom 12/14k spring rates

Factory itr sway bars and everything with new bushings 

Red jdm recaros 

Takata harness

Miracle x bar

Benen c pillar bar

Asp intake 

Hytec tri y header with megaphone and 3″ thermal exhaust 

Koyo radiator 

Hybrid racing a/c kit(it’s the south)

15×7 work rszr on Falken azenis

P1 splitter

Ukdm ITR taillights and corner lights 

Nardi 350 deep corn 

Project kicks r26 lug nuts

Hondata kpro tuned by Morris at midnight atl

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