KJ’s S2K | A Farewell

  Well I am sure you have seen plenty photos of KJ’s S2000 all over the net. KJ’s S2000 has been a car that Southrnfresh has had the pleasure of presenting to you all since it was the original black (seen here).  Even since then, KJ has always managed to be the main attraction at meets. Its second phase was a Phantom Blue (seen here) which was a very sleek color on the car.  The last phase set it over the top and made this S2000 one of a kind.


Part of the final phase was the addition of a supercharger. But we were unable to get a nice shot of the bay since the install was completed only a few days prior.  

The color is from a Lotus Exige called Krypton Green for those that do not know. It  matches the styling of the car perfectly, almost makes it look like some sort of exotic driving down the streets of Atlanta.  

The wheel choice meant to be a temporary look KJ told us, but turned out to be the final look of the car.

Last time we posted photos of the car he was on a set of black CCW classics (seen here).

KJ wanted to breakup the carbon fiber and green with the white Enkei NTO3s

People may get tired of seeing this car on the site, but we do not base our features off of popularity. Our features are meant to chronicle the owners build and give an outlook of whats going on in our little word down here.  Luckily we were able to capture the car more than many other sites because every time we met up with KJ for photos, he mentioned that another site wanted to shoot it also.  So I am sure we may have ruined that extreme exposure the car deserved…lol

We do appreciate KJ for always hitting us up when the car got a new face lift so that we can be the ones to present the new look to the internet world.

This post was not planned as a feature of any sort, just a farewell to one of our favorite cars to have featured on the site.  I believe the car has been sold to someone up north, so I am pretty sure it will show up soon enough.   KJ told us that he is gonna be getting another S2000 and going another direction with it. He plans to build it more towards a track car rather than a looker.  Farewell to KJ’s S2000. Thanks for looking!


Check out all the many features we have had of the car below:




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