Kevin Liew’s Evo | Another farewell

Once again we are saying farewell to  another car in Atlanta, but more importantly the owner is leaving us.  We were first introduced Kevin’s Evo  in 2010, (Double Trouble Evos) back then the car was already a very nice car.  However it was not packing the punch it has now. We have been able to ride along with Kevin and present it to our viewers  over the past two years.

I met Kevin through another local Evo owner, Dan Chi, who is also featured in that Double Trouble shoot we did back in 2010.  Kevin has always made it a priority to come to all of our events with our without his car.  Kevin is not only a supporter of Southrnfresh, he makes it a point to be at every meet when possible regardless of who is putting it together. Large or small he will come out and support it.  

There has always been a few powerful Evo’s in Atlanta. We have Hurrell’s 777hp Evo , Josh Chi’s Evo MR  and his brother Dan’s EVO .  Kevin ‘s car was always the one with the least power at the start.  Kevin’s plan was to start with the outside and  have a mild build.  Back in 2010, the car made 450hp with bolt-ons but once the appearance part of the build was taken care of Kevin transformed the beauty to a beast.


Kevin’s Evo arrived in GA already a head turner with a long list of parts inside and out, full of coordinating details. Every piece of the car has been modified, but it still remains its natural character as an aggressive performance car.  People often make the mistake of throwing parts at a car and expecting it all to work out just because the owner can spend the cash.

It has to be a well executed plan of action that may take longer than expected but its almost always worth the wait.  You can tell that the build was a well executed plan of action that came together quite nicely.  Every part on the car has a legitimate purpose and goes with what the car was made for.  

Not to say that slamming an Evo to the ground is a bad thing, but for me that seems to be torture.  I am not much of a purist and I’m a firm believer in doing what you want to do with your vehicle however it pleases you.  Especially if you are spending all your hard earned cash on the thing.

We wanted to shoot the car when it was right out of the shop, but Kevin told me that it was shot for Import Tuner and it had to wait until the magazine was published.  Ironically, the car was published in the same August  issue of Import Tuner as us.  So we were able to share the  excitement to see our hard work in a national magazine.  

In good faith Kevin hit me up after the magazine was published and said we could do the shoot.  Around that time we were going through some issues with the site and spent weeks getting that back on track so the shoot was sidelined.  But once we got back on our feet, I talked to Kevin about getting it done and he informed me that he was moving back to NYC in a few weeks.

  First thought was damn we need to do it asap, but it was more important than the photos.  It was being able to give Kevin a proper salute, the only way we know how.  One thing that I mentioned to Kevin that day is most people with cars at this level of modification tend to turn into assholes, and are always out to prove themselves in some sort of way.  The only bragging or boasting you will get out of Kevin is that 800+ AWHP decal in the bay.

The decision to build the motor came  a lot earlier than expected as mentioned in the Import Tuner article.  Kevin was invited to a track day and by accident the toggle switch for his ECU tunes was triggered and had the car running on a very rich tune for a portion of the track day . The damage was not immediate, but a leak down test determined that the engine had to be rebuilt.

And that is when Kevin had the car built by Batlground Motorsports and was motivated by his friend Hurrell’s 777hp Evo.  And so the 2.4 stroker build was set into action.  The cool thing about building a 2.4 4g64 is the amount of power that is made off of boost. It makes the car very tolerable in regular driving conditions.

After the build the car was tuned by Scott Davis @ TTP Engineering in Orlando, Florida and by the look of the dyno chart you can see that the power goals were achieved with the E85 making  808hp, and the pump gas making 571hp.  But with power comes great responsibility. At the time of the shoot Kevin was dealing with some transmission issues which will be taken care of soon he said.  The car is also being fitted with a roll cage  so it can be taken back on the track safely.

These photos were squeezed into Kevin’s hectic schedule days before he was leaving Atlanta back to NYC.  But he had kept his word and drove all the way out to Oxford, GA in the terrible weather and met up with me and Jon at our dyno day last weekend so we can get the photos.  The location was not what we wanted, but the car made up for it and Jon did his magic.  Coincidentally Kevin was trying to go out to another event out in Kennesaw which was about a hour and a half drive from  our event.  

We really appreciate Kevin letting us present his build to you all, and his support of Southrnfresh the past few years. We will try to keep up with the car and post updates as we get it.  We wish him the best in NYC!



Galant Vr4 block 4g64 (.20 over ) 
Manley turbo tuff I beam long rods with custom age 625+ rod bolts
Wiseco 1400hd pistons 87mm ( 9.7:1 compression)
Stock 4g64 100mm crank 
Buschur oil pan 
Tomei crank scraper
Cosworth race bearings 
Ams race balance shaft 
Arp mainstuds

Arp cam gear bolt
Arp crank pulley bolt


Cosworth CnC head 
Cosworth headgasket 
Tomei 280 pro cams
Tomei cam gears 
Arp custom age 625+ head studs 
Kiggly hla pressure regulator
Gsc zero tick lifters


Shep 5 speed trans ultimate ratio ( final drive will be upgraded soon )
Shep stage 2 tcase with quaife
Shep rear diff 12 plate upgrade 
Exedy stage 5 triple carbon clutch 
Stm clutch fork stop
SS clutch line


Spark tech cop non cdi
Ngk copper plugs 


Turbo kit
Custom fabricated by Jesse B ( JDL Auto Design) 
Precision CEA dual ball bearing 6466 with 1.15 a/r 
Downpipe v band
Tial wastegates v band
Dumptubes v band
Exhaust manifold t4 twinscroll 
Jet coating on the entire turbo kit

Dei titanium exhaust manifold wrap 
Dei titanium downnpipe wrap
Dei t4 titanium turbo heat shield

Injector dynamics id2000
Fullblown fuel pump hanger anodized purple for e-85
-6 stainless steel return
-8 stainless steel feed
2 walbros 255’s with install kits
Stm fuel pump wiring kits 
Ams fuel rail 
Fuel lab fuel pressure regulator 
Fuel lab fuel filter

Tein Monoflex with Edfc 
Carbing strut bar 
Perrin Psrs 
Perrin rear sway bar with endlinks and stout mounts 
Whiteline front sway bar 
Whiteline front roll center kit 
Torque solution shifter base bushing
Torque solution base bushing
Torque solution rear diff mount 
Torque solution engine mount kit 

ETS 4 inch intercooler 
Cbrd radiator 
Map oil cooler with spal fan 
Stm radiator bracket 
English racing modified water pump for 2.4l 
Ralliart cooling plate 
Custom 3″ intercooler pipping 
Killerglass radiator pipe 
Water wetter 
Toyota red coolant
Dei gold foil
Jm fab coolant reservoir 

ARC induction box with custom 4 inch inlet pipe for speed density
Ams vsr intake manifold
Boomba 75mm throttle body
Custom 3 inch intercooler pipping 
Omni 4 bar map sensor 
Map stainless steel manifold stud kit 
Fullblown superman catch can 


Trust ti-r titanium catback 
Tomei titanium test pipe 
Jdl design 3 inch V band downpipe
Jdl design T4 twinscroll manifold
Tial 38mm wastegates
Tial 50mm Bov 
Advan RG-D 18×10 +35mm wrapped in Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 265/35/18
Project Mu Scr pro 4 piston/ 4 pads big brake kit 
Stoptech brake fluids 
Stainless steel lines 


Fiber image carbon fiber hood & trunk 
Seibon carbon fiber fenders ( 10mm wider ) 
Seibon carbon fiber lip 
Rexpeed carbon fiber side skirt extension 
Rexpeed carbon fiber mirror covers
Rexpeed carbon fiber side spats
Rexpeed carbon fiber door pillars 
Voltex carbon fiber wing
Voltex carbon fiber diffuser
Voltex carbon fiber exhaust shield 
Varis carbon fiber oil cooler duct
Varis carbon fiber brake duct 
Varis front bumper canards 
Jdm rear taillights 
Jdm rear bumper 


Defi Advance Cr fuel pressure
Defi Advance Cr oil pressure 
Defi Advance Cr Boost  
Aem water temp
Aem oil temp
Aem wideband
Zeitronix Ethanol content analyzer
Cusco 6 pt cage with custom harness bar powdercoated in candy apple red …. still in the process of getting powdercoated. 
Bride Ergo II with custom wrapped bride red gradation. 
Rear seats wrapped with bride red gradation 
Top secret shift knob 
Sparco pedals
Valentine V1 radar detector 
Blinder M27 laser jammer 
Seude roofliner, a,b,c pillars ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mb quart Q-series front and rear component speakers 
Jl audio 13w5 subwoofer 
Jl audio 500/1 mono amp 
Orion hcca 800/4 amp 
Alpine headunit 


Beatrush underpanel with dzus fasteners

Lots of AN fittings from Jegs ( black/red series )

Tomei spark plug cover 
Tomei oil cap
Zaklee clear cam cover 
Titanium dress up bolt kit 





Joseph Dale SF Owner/Editor Born in Houston, Texas Lives in Atlanta, GA Mazda Lover