XDC Finals Dallas 2012

The final set of coverage of the XDC | Hot Import Nights | Global Time Attack event.


Forrest Wang doesn’t play any games when it comes to his drift car as you can see

Forrest Wang wearing a huge smile after getting Second Place in Round Six

Forrest Wang and Mike Pollard taking it over behind Garret Nikolich’s car in the pits

By far one of the Best looking drift cars I have ever seen in person..

Garret Nikolich driving the 1JZ GetNuts Laboratory S13 

Mike Pollards crazy SR-powered S13

Mike Pollard Rolling in after his first place finish during Round 6 

Sarah Burgess’s nasty Mustang.. 

She was killing it in practice, but unfortunately didn’t qualify for Round 7 

Smoke Clouds for Days

Look at those Sun Flares, that is Art..

Rapper Dan Savages Sikky powered Siltruck was on fire, definitely one of the faster cars out that weekend

Will Parson another Texas Driver throwing it down all weekend in the Corolla that could..

Chelsea Denofa rolling out to the Top 16 introductions 

Chelsea’s E46 was definitely one of the fastest cars out there all weekend 

Chelsea waving to the crowd during the Top 16 Introductions

One of the many Hometown Heroes representing the Texas drift scene.. Stewart Leask

Stewart dropping some wheels and throwing some sparks during Round 7 

Geoff Stoneback another Sikky powered S14 representing the Pennsylvania area   

Mike Pollard Celebrating after his First Place Finish during Round 6

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Jason Scott, SF Photographer and Lead Troll, Born in Antwerp Belgium now live in Houston Texas