Dream Chasers: Dustin Jennette & Patrick “Yota” Whitley

I met Dustin and Yota during my first two years of college through mutual friends. Three years passed by and they are now two of my best friends and now teammates. It has been a long and rough year and a half to say the least but to see these two cars become what they are today is incredible and I am happy to share with everyone the final products. But this is only the beginning…

Photos by: Rion Morse

After actively competing in D2 and collegiate paintball, no more than two years ago, a decision was made to start building drift cars up to par with pro-amateur specifications. Drifting is a dream both Dustin and Yota wanted to live. Why not go for it?

The decision to chase their dream is not only full of hard work and dedication, but involves risks with no guarantee of success. But I think that is a part of the fun, especially when it’s with your friends. It will be a good experience nonetheless.

I think the one thing really I love about these cars is their individual style. They are so different, yet they were built side by side in the same back yard shop. The cars reflect a little bit of their background too. Dustin having had a boosted JDM front integra and Yota with a lifted camo cummins Dodge.

Dustin and Yota took a different approach than most do when getting into drifting. They decided they wanted to fully build their cars first. This is probably frowned upon by most but they aren’t in it to impress critiques.  

Dustin went with a traditional drift car style with an awesome color that really stands out from the rest. At the heart of his minty machine is a built S20det with an upgraded gt2871rs turbo. He has tubbed the front fenders and done a complete overhaul on the suspension along with Fortune Auto coilovers. It’ll put you in your seat! The car is still awaiting a custom built cage and also a seat that should be completed by January.

Yota decided he wanted something unique and fun with a southern backwoods theme that also showed his roots. I think he hit that nail on the head. He calls it the Skew40. Under the hood is an LS3 and tubed front end. The Mossy Oak camo wrap is what really sets it apart from…everything, not to mention the Micky Thompson wheels. It screams merica’, literally. He has also reworked the entire suspension and added Fortune Auto coilovers. A fully custom cage built by Yota himself, Status seat, and custom gauge and switch panels make up the interior.

In the midst of all of this they have also started a digital printing business called Sticker Shark, to help support the drifting. Tires ain’t cheap! They are currently focused on stickers and vinyl wrapping.

In a sense, these are works of art. Any car guy or girl will understand. I love seeing a completed race car before its even seen any track time. All the hard work and long sleepless nights spent diagnosing the little things that always seem to get in the way. Taking it apart and putting it back together over and over and over. It’s all worth it in the end. It’s all to chase a dream. Everything to do with these cars apart from the tuning has been done by Dustin and Yota and the help and support of some dedicated friends and family. They are true “go-getters” and I have tons of respect for them for it. They are just two normal car guys from South Georgia. There is never a dull moment with these two.

Dustin and Yota would like to say Thanks to EVERYONE who lent a helping hand and supported the building of these cars and the decision to chase a dream and a special Thanks to Mom and Dad for all the love and support along the bumpy road. A big shout out to StickerShark , HateGrip, and SOUTHRNFRESH! The next step begins now!