Import Showdown 10th Anniversary | Oct. 20th, 2012

Import Showdown held its 10th anniversary 2 weeks ago at Silver Dollar Raceway.  Import Showdown has done a great job for the last 10 years by bringing out the fastest in the southeast, and creating a grudge match like atmosphere for everyone to show off what they can do in the real world. 

Georgia has a real tight racing scene all the local shops seem to have a mutual competitive respect for each other.  We rarely hear or see any of the drama with these group of guys, because it always comes down to the track and its either run it and prove it or shut it up!

Kseries Turbo Eg Hatch

Kieran’s old faithful Integra 

Really nice looking B series EK coupe

Matt Stover’s EK hatch 

The last of the DSM setting up before a run.

AMS modified R35 GTR, the Alpha a badge means its serious business.

Pretty rare site at the drag strip.

Nermin rolling through, he always finds the time to be at every event all the time.

Kieran in the staging lines.

Dodge SRT4 doing what it does best

Rx7 FD on a beefy set of Work XD9s 

One of the big power cars from the event, this 2jz S14 makes 1100hp plus.

Video of a real good run against a 2jz powered Rx7.  The S14 obviously makes more power, but it was a great race.

There can not be a drag event with out a Supra

v10 Audi R8

Another shot of the AMS tuned GTR.

Another shot of the black DSM.  I get really excited about seeing these cars out running.  Anyone know the owner or shop?

Nice look on this Integra

The EK hatches were out in big numbers.

Video of the two EKs running

Another shot of the black Ek

one of the 3Face Racing cars came out, this SE-R makes around 490hp, more then enough for a street car.

If you think you had a bad day….

Very cool helmet design.

Random shot of a EG coupe on some Axis wheels.

Matt Stover run against the GTR

Thanks for looking!


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