Kou’s 350Z

Out of North Carolina we bring you Kou’s 350z, that has a pretty unique look to the stance approach, instead of stuffing it all under the stock body.  Kou took the old school approach with his fitment.  Usually we write up something for our features, but Kou provided us with a very well words for the car, so we will let him tell it all himself.  And also this is our first feature shot by our newest Carolina contributor Sid Fligel. 

Photos By: Sid Fligel

Words from the owner Kou Hang

After a Local Shop decided they wanted to steal my Civic after doing a motor swap for me. I Initially wanted an EVO but I couldn’t find a decent one. So I ended up getting a 350Z. When I purchased my Z it had 70k mile already with the Factory Nismo lip kit as well as the Nismo LMGT4 wheels. The Z was still on stock suspension so i ended up getting some Eibach Sportlines which lowered the Z 1.5 inches all around. But I couldn’t drive around in a car that was somewhat built by someone else so I had to change it up to make it my own.

So I sold the Nismo front lip and rear add ons as well as the LMGT4’s. I then ordered a Chargespeed rear and Nismo V2 front bumper with the canards to go with my new Volk GTC wheels. That look only lasted a few months all because of these stance guys. I just had to have that Stance look and if I wanted to stand out I’d have to do something totally different. So I order some 20/25mm spacers and had them installed to see what it would look like. I liked it but it still looked all to common so I ended up selling my Volks for a set if Varrstoens.

 People thought I was crazy for going authentic to replica wheels. I didnt care though, all I knew was I wanted to be one of the first to own a set of Hot Pink Varrstoens. So I ordered a set with some Hot Pink vinyl to accent my wheels and I was satisfied for a good 2 years. Everyone knew me and my car. Folks on EBay were using my Z to sell VarrsToen wheels.

Had a feature on another forum that I wasn’t even aware of. Stance life was good, but this whole real and fake wheels debate really got to me so I was at it again. I had to find the classiest Authentic wheels with the craziest offset I could find. Luckily a local friend was selling these crazy Work Equips in 18x 10-30 18×12-20 and i knew had to have them. So i purchased the Equips but didn’t want to look like every other Stanced Z out there with their crazy negative camber.

 I was gonna build my car to have as little negative camber as possible. That’s when I decided I wanted to be the first to ever incorporate ZG fender flares to a 350z. If searched and searched and wasn’t able to find any 350z’s out there with such a mod.

So I ordered a set and had Eurowise in Charlotte NC to help me with my custom fender flares that had to be extended to fit the 350z’s wheel wells. When Eurowise finished the flares I decided to stay old school and kept the flares black. I hated the way it looked so I eventually color matched the flares.

Right now I am debating on selling it or If I decide to keep it.  I am supercharging the Z, vented hood, bagging it and calling it a day ( for now).

I’d like to thank my Wife Tarah for putting up with me and my money pit. Family and friends for their opinions and support. Sid for shooting my Z and SouthrnFresh for exposing my creation.

Thanks for looking, and thanks to Sid and Kou for hooking this up! 


Mod List:

JWT pop charger
AMS pulleys
Aftermarket headers
Full Invidia exhaust
Test pipes
Blue Cusco cooling plate

Red Sparco Chrono seats with Sparco brackets and hardware.
Blue 6 point Cusco Cage
Kenwood Indash DVD
Alpine speakers front and rear

Custom ZG fender flares
Usdm Nismo dude skirts
Chargespeed rear carbon fiber
Nismo v2 front bumper
FairladyZ badge
Titek carbon fiber air duct
Blacked out 06 headlights not installed yet.

( only ) Eibach Sportline springs

Work Equips
18×10-33 Falken 255/40
18×12-20 Nexen 265/35

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