Brady Loring’s CRX

Inspiration comes in many ways. When looking for inspiration on building a Honda, many look to the roots of the manufacturer. The trend is to follow the styling and performance cues of the Japanese Domestic Market.  Rarely does someone leave that behind to create something unique.


Enter Brady Loring, owner of this special 1990 Honda CRX.  Brady did not want the typical Honda build.  His plans for his CRX came from the American street rod culture, the origin of making a car your own. For him, knowing that he built his car for his own appeal, and it runs and drives because of his hard work, is where his satisfaction lies.

Why a CRX? It’s simple – Brady likes them.  They’re lightweight, affordable, and economical.  For what he had in mind, the old school styling of the CRX was the icing on the cake. The old and haggard look is not often well executed, and taken out of context for a haggard old turd.  But as you can see the car is in very good condition compared to the few CRXs we see still on the streets.


The mismatched body panels actually match. This isn’t a harlequin CRX, it’s a two-tone CRX with a faux wood hood.  Underneath it sits a D16y7, which is appropriate power plant for a car that is literally half a inch off the ground.  At that height speed is not an option.


Brady gets a lot of mixed feelings about his car, especially living in Tennessee, where many good ole boys, and majority of his peers, but it’s not about how people receive the car for him.  It’s about expressing himself. “All I want is respect. Yeah a lot of people would not do it, but it’s me. I want something that stands out from the crowd. And that’s what I have,” Brady said.

The modified car community has a lot of opinion.  Too many are slowed down by how people will react to their cars, and are discouraged to build something for themselves. If it works for you, then it works. That’s all that matters. I think Brady said it best, “Building a car to me is about expressing yourself.  My car is me, just like yours represents you.”  We know there are plenty of viewers that favor of this style of car, so for you wild style guys this ones for you.  

Thanks for looking!