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This time we bring you Jake’s E Class from Houston, TX reppin FAT CATS.   This feature was not planned weeks in ahead like most, but something that came out of the blue in a matter of days.  I had been keeping an eye on Jake’s build every since I saw his red gator trunk at Wekfest, things like that seem to always evolve well.  Like most this is the start of a progression into a quality build that we will continue to follow. 

The mod list is not very extensive on the E Class but we do not see many Mercedes modified this way stateside.  Whether it was intentional or not Jake’s Mercedes is geared more towards the VIP side of the spectrum.  Jake’s build is only a year in the making and has already made a stamp in Houston.  The car seemed to also go up on Rides magazine’s radar, because they decided to re-crop Jason’s photos and post them up as car of the day (seen here).   It is a honor to have a publication that big to shout us out, but cropping out watermarks is just the worst way to go about it.  So hopefully RIDES can correct the problem soon.  On the other hand congrats to Jake for getting some love from them even before the photos got posted…haha.  



Based God | Jake’s Bagged W210 from Dennis Nguyen on Vimeo.

The E class is laid out by way of a Full Custom Air Suspension setup by Ekstensive Metal Works.  

Leon Hardiritt Ordens have become a very popular wheel because of the full face, and they are able to be built for a massive lip.  Jake’s tucks a 19×9.5 +38 up front and a 19×10.5 +13 in the rear.

The trunk has a few favorites starting with the Alligator trunk lining, on the enclosure.  And the “Thank You Based God” under the trunk lid makes me laugh every time I see it.  Most people wont admit being fans of Lil B or even know where “thank you based god” came from.  The rest of you  know Lil B and probably hate him…haha.  Either way me and Jake do so… TYBG – PROTECT AT ALL COST!! 

Most people have converted to having a tight fitting wheel sitting on the fender, but Jake took the approach of tucking it all under the fender.  Which can be a challenge itself, most bagged cars suffer from sitting too high with air suspension because they are trying to achieve that perfect wheel fender fitment, without calculating how much higher the car will sit into the equation, which kind of ruins the point of bags sometimes.

Being the Housonian that he is Jake keeps his 2 foam cups and cough syrup close by in his VIP’d out VIP line tray.


A few words and history from the Jake himself, sometimes its just better to let them say it for themselves:

I bought it as a daily last December/November.  At first I meant for it to stay as a daily. Because I had a Honda prelude as my project, it was pretty legit but the more time went on I kept thinking and was being told I could sell It and bag the Benz so that’s what I did.  I sold the prelude in June.  And bagged the Benz 3 weeks after I got it back the last week In July.  And it started from there I bought the ordens from cz wheels  and they thought it was a joke at first put me through hell and back.  Got the wheels an they were all oxidized and the rears were two diff sizes 10/10.5 so he sent me another lip and it was the wrong one so the second one ended up being right. Had them redone and didn’t seal in time for Wek fest this year. Ended up showing last month at a Houston slab show and got them on before then. And I’ve had them in ever since I’ve ran info a few problems a Ive had the front two redone cause I bent them daily driving them 30 miles each way to work.  First import show being HIN. It was a weak show but got a lot of love and now here I am. It all fell together at once it’s happened in Half a year but not as much done as I would like just yet.  This project has been a complete opposite of my last project but def has been fun to do and has gotten just as much love. It’s different though and that’s what I enjoy the most. When life hands you lemons you make lemonade and I just went with it. I didn’t choose to project this car at first it just happened.

That is all for Jake’s Mercedes , thanks for Looking


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