Quick Shots: Draper’s 900hp GS300

I took these pictures during the Rides and Tides event in July.  And they kind of fell under the radar with all the other summer event posts.  But we had to share them, for the fans of speed and power.  I did  not get too many extensive photos but, just took a minute to take advantage of the great sky and backdrop.  

Draper Delancey has put most of his time and energy into making this Japanese touring sedan a 900+ hp terror on the streets.   The car still slightly gravitates towards its VIP car nature  with the full custom interior and Work Varianzas.  But overall the car is one hell of a sleeper just on outside appearance alone, considering that most Lexus GS are hard parked cars.    Unfortunately Draper says that this car has reached its limit and it maybe time to move on to another project.  Hats off to Draper for building a mad machine, and if you are ever on the Gulf Coast and catch a light with this Lexus you may want to give it a second thought..



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