Squirrel Squad: Kwan Yang’s IS250

Just settling into things here in San Antonio, Texas  since moving from Atlanta. I haven’t had the opportunity to take my camera for a spin. However this Lexus immediately grabbed my attention or as Kwan like to put it, “Broke my neck” as I headed into my gym for a quick workout.  I got  to meet Kwan that day and I expressed interest in shooting his ride for Southrnfresh. Kwan was down and here are the results.  Kwan is a member of Squirrel Squad. Looooowww, simple and clean is what they are about and we think he reps them well.  This is a small taste of what Squirrel Squad has to offer. As the weather warms up and things pick up we will be able to bring more SS cars to you.


Check out the full set here