Repost: Heavy Hitters Magazine: FLY WITH YOUR OWN WINGS

I read all types of print magazines faithfully to keep up with what the automotive world is doing from allover.  I rarely read as much as i do in Heavy Hitters magazine.  I browsed at a issue this summer because their was a gorgeous Austin Martin on it, and it featured some VIP cars in the issue at the time.  And than I was impressed by the motivational self help presentation throughout.  And not only do they give you peek at the wealthy lifestyle of the owner of the high end vehicle.  They give a insight on how and what the owner has done to get to to this point in their life.  The stories are always inspirational to strive for success.  Its great to get that nowadays in a world that has seemed to lost the meaning of “work hard play hard”.

This is one of the recent Editor’s Letters in the magazine that I thought was a good read.


“Pride yourself on what you’ve accomplished- not what your friends have accomplished.”

A baby bird doesnt mistake the flapping of its mother wings for its own, so why do so many humans mistake the success and power of their friends as their own? Now lets be real. 

Human beings are a much more advanced form of life, but why has simple logic and self respect been acquated and replaced with ignorance and braggadocio? Right about now, youre probably reading this editor’s letter with a grin on your face (as you compile a mental list of people you know who are like this), but in all reality, we all know someone who rides the coattails of others.

These are the same people who brag about driving other peoples cars – and there are others who acquire attitude and sense of self empowerement through the magic of osmosis. Now the sad part about it all is that its rarely the movers and shakers who are actually adopting this sickness, but rather the fan boys, cheerleaders, and those closest to them. i like to call them ” social static” , because all they do is cling to whats new and powerful, when they should be establishing themselves by standing on their own two feet.

As if social leeches werent bad enough during the Reaganomics era, the advent of the Internet had only increased the pervasive reach of social media-thus pouring gasoline on an already raging inferno of false pretenses. These bluffing birds have now been given a voice: They tweet their ostentatious dreams into passive reality, thanks to social media giant Twitter. That outlet, along with LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs and others has given these “Me Generation” flunkies the power to appear as though they are blazing trails and making moves to millions of people in an instant. Gone are the days of taking a Polaroid of yourself next to a parked Murcielago in a valet parking lot. These fraudulent falcons are creating entirely false identities online, making it all the more difficult to seperate who’s real and who isn’t.

lets keep this one simple. Birds learn to fly through imprinting and studying the behavior of their parents and elders, but once they take flight, they soar the skies on their own wings as a direct result if their own hard work. Do the same. Dont wait on the next man or woman to achieve something you can live vicariously through-create your own destiny. Dont be the open mouth at the end of the table and control the menu. Sit at the head of the table and control the menu. Otherwise, you wont have a movement for others to follow and be inspired by-you”ll just be tweeting with the rest of the birds..

Bottom Line: use your own wings to fly

—John Jarasa – Editor/Heavy Hitters Magazine




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