White Cake | Alex’s Chevrolet Corvette Z06

 This time we bring you something a little different from the normal.  We never truly wanted to be all imports all day every day, but since most of us are geared more towards the import world, it only came natural.  We are starting to reach out to the domestic crowd a little more  to please our southern roots.  Jason and Dennis got some time with Alex and his new toy.  Alex has just started with the Corvette, so it is only right that we start our journey with Alex and his Z06.



White Cake | Alex’s Corvette Z06 from Dennis Nguyen on Vimeo.

The Corvette’s history is almost flawless throughout the years and it has remained Chevy’s top of the line sports car.  It has always been a true American sports car, staying true to its American format of stuffing a big engine into a small, lightweight chassis.  But what set the Corvette apart from the typical American sports car was that it was a true all around performer.

The  lightweight chassis coupled with the big power v8 enabled the Corvette to carve the turns with the best of them, and also pull away on the straights.  You go to any track day across the world you will see a Corvette on the track doing what it does best.  That is what makes the Corvette so appealing to our culture.  Like I mentioned before, most of our hearts side with the import community, but the Corvette has always been looked upon as the almighty American race car that battles anything foreign.  

If you read any magazine reviewing any sports car and they will always mention it compared to a Corvette.  And if the car is special enough they will sometimes  compare it against the 505hp Z06.  Alex’s zo6 build started with a set of  20×10 – 21×13 Adv1 adv15 track spec wheels in titanium finish.

Alex added  the LG Motorsports carbon fiber front splitter and the Katech carbon fiber rear spoiler.  Those subtle modifications may go unnoticed to the typical person because of  how they flow with the sleek body lines and curves of the Corvette.

The power plant is the all familiar hand built 505hp  LS7.  

During the time of day that Jason took the photos it was damn near impossible to capture the paint in its best form.  It is  Balloon White from Lamborghini .  The color has a great pearl in it,  but Jason and Dennis could not get it to show in any of their “potato”cameras.  

You can almost get a idea of what it looks like in person from this picture..

Thanks for looking, and we hope to be updating you all on the progress with Alex and his Zo6 in the future.  Here are some words from the owner himself.

See the whole photo set here 

“It was originally black. I purchased it just 10 months ago. My first idea was to keep the car black just add some wheels and just focus on performance, but I decided to veer from that plan once I started to look at some of the other Vettes in Houston they all looked the same. So I hooked up with the guys at EVS motors and we decided that ADV1 wheels are the way to go. I was going to still keep it black but the paint was so damaged from the previous owner that it needed a new paint job. I decided to paint it balloon white with a satin finish paint job was done by Pasadena auto collision.”



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