Why “hood risers” may actually hurt the performance of your car.

Pulled this write up from Import Atlanta , from Michael Frohock.  The post talked about something that people seem to do to their car that may actually hurt your performance.  Mr. Frohock says that he is no master engineer, and welcomes anyone with factual information to contribute to this or correct any errors.  Enjoy.

 By: Michael Frohock (Guest Contributor)

OK, I’ll try to keep my opinions to a minimum here. I see a lot of people with this “mod” who honestly believe it is functional and “cools better”. Anyone who believes this is full of sh*t. Anyone who ever says “well I noticed a difference” is also full of sh*t. This is not my opinion, it’s a fact. I’ll also try to keep this on the simple side of thins by not getting into crazy detail, formulas or physics. Besides, I’m not a physicist or have taken any fluid dynamics classes. But I’d like to think I have a good general understanding of the basic principals…