Take Two | KJ’s AP1

It seemed that we have been on a vacation  with our posts as of late.  We have been working  with a few projects and trying to put together some really nice events this year.  But we have still been shooting cars.  And today we get back with a good friend and enthusiast KJ Drapeau.  We have been through it all with KJ’s previous Ap2 build, but this time around he has took on the Ap1 chassis in a more function approach.

During out break we wanted to be sure to provide you all with more insight on the features.  More then just photos of a car and mod list, but a insight on the person  themselves.  I am sure most of the S2k crowd are pretty familiar with KJ and his old AP2 build (seen here).   Here he returns with his Ap1.

Photos By: Jon Davis

 It seems kind of crazy for him to sell a car that he spent so much time with to start over with a older chassis.  Kj told me that it was time to start fresh and head a different direction.   So instead of tearing the  AP2 apart and starting from scratch, he decided to part ways with his AP2 and find a whole new unmodified S2000.

KJ ended up  finding a stock Ap1 that needed a lot of body work.  But KJ had already planned on giving the body a makeover anyway, so it was perfect.  The car was painted Jade Green Metallic from a 06 RSX.  And much like his AP2 he went with the ASM front bumper /Carbon fiber lip.   

The wheel choice was a set of 18×9.5 Pro Drive GC-05F  

Kj also decided to go with a widebody for the car instead of forcing more aggressive wheels to fit.  J’s racing fenders up front, and  the ASM rear over fenders. Voltex rear diffuser and wing for the rear.  And the Asuka trunk for the rear and a Mugen hardtop.  Kj told me that he was addicted to change, and said by the time the summer came around the car may get another make over.  Notice the passenger side wheels are white because he just cant seem to decide on which color to go with, my choice would be the gunmetal like on the driver side.  

 The car is gorgeous to look at and with all the money spent on aero it would be a shame to have it destroyed on the track.  But Kj insisted that he would be taking the car out as it is, and enjoy to the fullest this year.  

We went out to another spot and took a few more photos, but the  ones posted came out a lot better to me, so expect to see the other ones on our facebook page .  

I personally have known Kj for a few years, and I never really knew  that he was really into music as much as he was until that day.  I have heard a few of his songs that he posts on his facebook page.  But we took some video of our trip to the studio and have yet to get the video finished up as of yet. 

Kj interns at Royal Flush studios and pursues his passion for music as a producer and a lead guitarist.  

They gave us a quick run down on how the board works.  

The day of they were in the middle of putting together some songs for a mixtape.  We just sat back and stayed out of the way as their creative juices flowed.

We headed out for a little while and Kj showed us around, but our tour was interrupted when Kj was called in to put his guitar talents on the beat that they had been working on.  Like a pro he came in the room, and picked up the guitar and went to work.  

That is all from our day with Kj and his Ap1, we have a video of our day that will be put together real soon, which will be pretty cool I think.  Thanks for looking!

Take Two: KJ Drapeau’s Honda S2000 from SOUTHRNFRESH.COM on Vimeo.