Formula Drift Proam 2013: Lone Star Drift Round 1

Its that time of the year again! The first round of the Formula Drift Proam Lone Star drift series is finally here after a long winter break of rebuilding cars and prepping new chassis’s. This year we have a lot of new drivers participating some of them are even from outside of Texas as well! The series has many new prizes and etc. for all the drivers to help them progress even further in the sport and keeping it exciting. 

Photos by:

Grand Master Jason Scott

Video by:

Secret Samurai Dennis Nguyen  

One of the first things we saw rolling into Gulf Greyhound Park was the Tyler Cox Missile car Aaron losey has been working on for the past couple of months.

The missile car is no slouch either, its easily one of the faster drift cars out on the course at any given time.

One of the Out of State drivers was Dewayne Ramsey coming all the way from Florida, some people may recognize this car as Ameen Rizvi’s old car with its new banana boat yellow paint job 

Everyone should know this car, we featured it not long you can check out the feature here

Imran doesn’t play no games, he kills tires faster and puts more smoke out than most of the Proam cars

Before Qualifying I went through the car show real quick and then was dragged off to go take picture of some of the qualifying runs for the Top 16 because I don’t know how to time manage..

Ian Price’s super clean G37, we should be showing more of this ride in the future

This is Matt Bengston, he is a drifter and part time super model

One of the new drivers in our series is Michael  Van Shellenbeck with his super wild BMW 

It has a Big Wing as you can see

And this is why its one of the crowd favorites..

Lone Star Drift Veteran Fielding Shredder ended up qualifying first for the first round

Qualifying took a decent amount of time because we had so many drivers trying to get into the big show. Unfortunately only the best 16 runs would allow you to continue on further into the day and go for the top prizes. 

One of the many victims from car problems was Stephen Bayles who lost third so he wasn’t able to put down the runs needed to qualify for the main event, this was a huge disappointment since he was driving really good all day long before that..

Another driver taken out by a mechanical failure was Robert Turnbow who had transmission problems as well..

One of the first battles in the Top 16 was in between Justin Flores and Matt Bengston where matt beat out Justin to move onto the top 8

Mario Gomez went against Ryan Rohrbach and his newly built LS powered S13 and went onto the great 8..

Matt Bengston went against Alex Riser in the great 8 hoping to continue on but his luck ran out, he was super close to moving on but it wasn’t his time..

After a long day we finally got down to the top 4 drivers of the day, consisting of Alex Riser, Nacho Nismo, Dewayne Ramsey and Tim Koenning

Tim’s rebuilt SC300 was no joke this first round, definitely making a statement to other competitors

In this battle Alex bested Tim to move onto the final to go against either Dewayne or Nacho

Dewayne and Nacho went at each other swinging neither one wanting to lose, but at the end of the runs Nacho went on to the final..

Before the Final we had to decide who would take Fourth and Third place, after some super aggressive driving Dewayne came out on top to grab the final podium spot while Tim grabbed a very respectable fourth place finish..

After some very aggressive and clean runs we finally have a winner! Alex Riser went on to claim the top spot with Nacho claiming the number two spot..

All of the pictures from Round 1 can be viewed here

The overall Standings after Round 1 are as follows

108 – Axle Riser
89 – Nacho Nismo
79 – Dewayne Ramsey
72- Tim “Big Sticks” Koenning
71 – Mario Gomez
68 – Fielding Shredder
65 – Kevin Williams
65 – Matt Bengston
64 -Brad Burnett
60- TJ Hull
56 – Michael Van Shellenbeck
56 – Justin Garner
56 – Justin Flores
56 – Andy Dennington
55 – Alex Groves
55 – Ryan Rhorbach
.5 – Travis Percle
.5 – Robert Lee
.5 – Robert Turnbow
.5 – Rudy Martinez
.5 – Steven Bayles
.5 – Doug Cisneros
.5 – Ben Green
.5 – Kris Painshab
.25 – Mark Williams
.25 – Carl Carmichael
.25 – True Taylor
.25 – Ramone Gutierrez
.25 – Esteban Soto

And a big thanks to those who sponsored the event this year

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Jason Scott, SF Photographer and Lead Troll, Born in Antwerp Belgium now live in Houston Texas