Marvin Gerard’s Acura TL

Finally Jon and I were able to get back into shooting some cars for you all.  Consider the fall and winter a break for us in Georgia there isn’t much that goes on here in that time period.  Mainly because of Georgia’s ridiculous weather.  One day its 65, and the next day we are 10 degrees with a chance of snow.  We are trying to get back in the groove of doing more features,.  As we get back into contact with our peers and check on them and their builds we are being overwhelmed with the new looks people are coming out with this year.

Photos by: Jonathan Davis & Joseph Dale

We were able to catch up with Marvin and his Acura TL, after a long time of rescheduling because of weather, but we still ended up doing the photos in the cold rain..  We featured Marvin’s TL a few years ago when I first met him and his brother who owns a GS400 seen here.  Since then they both have made some changes.  

The first major update was the switch from a static setup to a Ksport Air suspension kit.  He has also changed wheels from the Work Equips to a set of 19″ Leon Hardritt Ordens. 

Another update is the body work, when the car was wearing the Work Equips it was under the factory fenders.  In order to hold the Ordens there was some body needed to be done to the fenders, and not wanting to ruin the body lines it had to be done right.   You can tell that the fenders are obviously wider than normal, but the key is to create that perfect slope with the fender and wheel. 

Marvin’s TL being a 6 speed manual, it still has a few performance upgrades  from ATLP with their Quad Exhaust , J Ppe and Race Pipe.  

That is all that we have of Marvin’s TL, as always we will be in contact with Marvin and his build as it progresses.  

See the whole set here.


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