The Quest for 10.2: Anthony’s Drag IS300

World’s fastest street IS300 is a title held by Swift Racing Technologies. The record is 10.22 @144.38 mph. Our good friend Anthony has been building his car to reach 10.2 and be the fastest street IS300. His quest started after he blew the motor on his Subaru WRX STi. He decided that he needed a new daily driver and so he picked up this 2001 Lexus IS300. Back in 2012 Anthony’s luck seemed to have run out and his car fell victim to thieves.

Photos by: Josh Smylie and Jason Scott

Words by: Josh Smylie

After the theft the car was located fairly quickly and the insurance company cut a check for the damages, it was time to begin moving as far away from stock as possible. The original goal for the car was supposed to be around 450-500hp. That didnt last long and soon Anthony set his sights on going from stop to 1320 feet in 10.2 seconds. This started by keeping the factory 2JZ-GE engine and fitting it with some K1 Rods, Wiseco Pistons and ACL Race Bearings. From there a Garret T04Z Turbo was selected along with a custom fabricated front facing intake manifold and oil catch can from Inline Racing. Along with a Tial 50mm blow off valve, Tial 44mm wastegate, FIC 2250cc fuel injectors and ETS 3″ front mount intercooler would complete the turbo set up.

With the turbo set up completed Anthony decided to go with an AEM EMS series 2 to manage his air fuel and a custom tune by Huy (Owner of Inline Racing) was uploaded. In order to help transfer the power to the rear wheels a Stage 5 Competition Clutch and Ultra Lightweight Flywheel were mounted along with a 1 piece aluminum driveshaft. It was then time to take the car out and see what could happen. The best time Anthony has laid down has been a 10.6 @ 138 thanks to some traction issues.

During Import Face Off earlier this month, Anthony was ready to see if he could make the car hook and complete what he had been aiming for. The weather looked like it was about to rain but the rain had held out long enough for the announcers to announce that they were going to start qualifying runs.

Anthony had completed his burn out at the track and lined up for his first qualifying run. The tree had come down and Anthony launched harder than he had ever launched the car before. Unfortunately Anthony’s differential didn’t agree with him and decided to shred itself apart. Good news is the car is fixed and ready to continue battling for the fastest street IS300. We will keep you updated when Anthony reaches his goal.

Engine: K1 Rods, Wiesco Pistons, ACL Race Bearings, 3 Angle Valve Job, AEM EMS Series 2, AEM Wideband, AEM Digital Boost Guage, Garret T04Z Turbocharger, Inline Racing Front Facing Intake Manifold, Tial 50mm BOX, Tial 44mm Wastegate.

Transmission: R154 Swap, Competition Stage 5 Clutch, Ultra Lightwieght Flywheel, One Piece Aluminum Driveshaft

Other Modifications: BC Coilovers, EVO IX MR BBS Front Wheels, Autometer Oil Pressure Guage.

Photos by Josh Smylie can be found Here

Photos by Jason Scott can be found Here

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