Formula Drift 2014 Round 2: Road Atlanta – Offset Kings

As always we try to go the extra mile with our Formula D Round 2 Coverage being right in our backyard.  We will start out the first part of the coverage of photos from the Offset Kings show held by Fatlace.  This gives Atlanta a chance to show the west coast what we have to offer.  The show has had its struggles 2 years ago, but it is making progress every year to become a better show.

Photos By: Cory Mader & Jonathan Davis 


We think it is important to come out and support events like this because when people do not show up, it keeps them from investing in the show and making improvements.  The judging is always a topic of frustration for some, but we all know regardless of who wins there will always be some sort of issue.  We were lucky enough to have a large number of cars enter the show under SOUTHRNFRESH.  They were dedicated supporters who chose to wear the SF crest on their cars and represent SOUTHRNFRESH.  Out of the 12 cars entered under SOUTHRNFRESH 6 of them took home awards.  It really meant a lot to us for those guys to bring home trophies under our name.  Especially since FATLACE is one of the reasons SOUTHRNFRESH even exists.  So once again much love to you guys, you know who you are!

James Wolf’s Focus ST on FIFTEEN 52 WHEELS took home 2nd place in the muscle category

E46 Convertible on Avant Garde, I met the owner at Import Alliance spring, but have forgotten his name…. sorry!

Absolutely hammered RSX on Work Meister M1 owned by Alex Womack

Kevin Lam’s 370Z took home 3rd place in the JDM caregory

Carlos Villaneuva’s Kia Forte

Up close shot of the Brada BR1

CJ Gann’s Miata, he recently turbocharged the car, and is working on making a drastic change to the exterior within the next few months.  He took home 2nd place in the slammed category again.  

Closeup of the CCW Classic 5

Chauncey Custer’s WRX

Jose Lopez-Cruz’s S2000

Cliff Ridinger’s STI took home 2nd place in the JDM category 

Rion Morse M Coupe

Juan’s Little Hustler Datsun 620 took home 3rd place in the classic category.  

Luke Elgin’s Mercedes 240d he took home 1st place in the classic category, and also won the SPEEDHUNTERS people’s choice award. 

Justin Rescina’s FRS

Dustin Jeanette’s 240sx

Dan’s Porsche 997 

One of the new cars that came out was Brantley Uptagraftt  S14.  It was making its first appearance at the FATLACE show.  

I was told the car has been under the knife for a long time.  He took home 1st place in the Race/Drift category.  

Charlie Smith with his new CCW LM5T  

Matthew Mummert’s Audi A4 took home 3rd in the euro class

Brandon Gray’s Passat  took home 2nd in the euro class

Evan Mount’s Miata took home 3rd in the slammed category.

Keith Gregg’s WRX

A shot of  Erick Hernandez’s 335i that took home 1st place in the Euro category.  

John Lopez and his FRS wearing the Version 1 rocket bunny fenders, and version 2 rocket bunny spoiler.   John took home 1st place in the JDM category.

Would like to see more progress on this car as well.  It seemed to upset a lot of people on our Facebook page! 

Tommy Phamm’s TSX  took home 1st place again in the slammed category.  

Dan Chi’s AIMGAIN Lexus GS took home 2nd in the VIP category.

Justin Butera’s LS400  – we recently featured this vehicle check it out here, he took home 3rd place in the VIP category. 

Infiniti FX from Team Kaizen 

That is all that we have for our coverage of the OFFSET KINGS show.  There were plenty of other winners and competitors that we missed.  We had some complications with photos from a few guys and the photos got lost.  So we apologize for not getting more photos of  the other cars.  We hope to see more cars come out next year.  


Joseph Dale SF Owner/Editor Born in Houston, Texas Lives in Atlanta, GA Mazda Lover