Carlos’ Kia v.4

With every car that we showcase here we try to follow up with them, and show updated progress on each build when changes are made.  We are so used to seeing people claim to have built a car and only have done wheels and a drop.   I have always praised Carlos for taking a road less traveled and sticking to what he likes.  But while doing so, he has kept the quality aspect of his build.  Just because the car is not what people want to see or are used to seeing does not mean that it is not worthy of quality parts.

Check out each stage of his build below

Carlos Kia 

Carlos Kia v.2

Carlos Kia v3

Photos By: Jonathan Davis

From this side shot, you can see the Sequence Spec 1 side skirt.  

The most noticeable upgrade are the Brada BR1  18×9 +7 18×10 +26

Up front Carlos has added a Zest Front lip.  You can also see the LED light bar a little in the headlights that he has added also.  

As always we will follow up on Carlos as he progress with his build, and we will be the first to report version 5!



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