Jotech GT-R

It has been quite a while since I had posted up a feature here on Southrnfresh. I blame a good amount of work along with some laziness, but all of that aside here is one of the many features coming to Southrnfresh in the next month or so.

Words by: Josh Smylie

Photos by: Josh Smylie and Michael Orlando

During the weekend of the Stancenation Texas car show, we had got in contact with the Jotech Motorsports thanks to our new friend Kevin. He was able to set up a shoot with us and Jotech Motorsports GT-R shop car. I had first become familiar with Jotech back when I used to work for a Honda dealership (that does not get free advertising) and one of my co workers was telling about his cousin in Dallas who builds ridiculously fast Scion TCs.

Jotech has been a well-known shop for building 1,000 + horsepower GT-R’s along with a few twin turbocharged Lamborghinis and the Verde Ithaca (Lamborghini Green) widebody GT-R. Jotech also holds many trophies for Tx2k such as fastest Modified Class and Unlimited Class GT-R back in 2011. Along with having constructed the Jotech / Nitto Tire 739 whp Scion TC, 1,000 Whp Honda civic which can run through 1,320 feet in 8.12 seconds, and another high horsepower  7.94 second Scion TC. This shows that they know what they are doing when it comes to high horsepower automobiles.

The GT-R does not need a lot to make them aesthetically appealing and with the potent 3.8L twin turbocharged V6, it is far form slow. That being said Jotech didn’t need to add anything crazy to the exterior to make this car stand out. One of the most noticeable aspects of this GT-R is the giant HKS and Jotech banner along the side and hood. If you look close enough you can see the entire parts list written along the side of the car. The bronze color of the graphics can also be noticed in the three piece HRE C106 Wheels which are wrapped in Nitto rubber.

Taking the factory 3.8L and turning into fully built 4.1L while utilizing an HKS GT1000 Turbokit. Accompanying that with Arias pistons, Ferrea valves, Bosch injectors, Jotech fuel rails, HKS 4″ Exhaust and an HKS intercooler, what you get is a recipe for over 1,000 whp.

Parts List:

Jotech Fully-Built 4.1L Motor

HKS GT1000 Twin Turbo Kit

Pauter Rods

Ferrea Valvetrain

Arias Pistons

HKS 4″ Race Exhaust

Bosch Injectors

AAM Triple Pump Fuel System

PPG 1-6 Billet Gear

Dodson ProMax Clutch

Jotech Fuel Rails

HKS Intercooler

Swift Lowering Springs

Whiteline Sway Bars

Carbon Lorraine RC6+ Brake Pads

HRE C106 20″ Wheels

Cobb AccessPort

Custom Jotech Tune

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