Kevin Lams Twin Turbo 370Z

This time we bring you Kevin Lam’s Twin Turbo Nismo 370Z out of Atlanta, Ga from Team Untamed 

Photos by: Jonathan Davis – Joseph Dale 

 Kevin’s journey with the Nismo begin in 2009, and at the time it was pretty hard to find in white.  But his search lead him to Louisiana, shortly after the purchase Kevin instantly started to save to get some sort of forced induction on the Nismo.  

Kevin went with the Greddy Twin Turbo kit that was installed and tuned by Forged Performance with only 7,000 miles on the car.  The upgrade instantly boosted the car to 550whp.  The only supporting mods being the Z1 upgraded clutch, HKS spark plugs, and Greddy Ti-C exhaust.    

The next task was to work on the body of the Nismo without disturbing the natural lines.  Kevin decided to have a custom widebody made to hold the  custom built Work VS-XX (20×10 -18  and  20×12-13 step lip)  without an excessive amount of camber.  The only way you truly notice it is by looking at the sidemarker.  

The front and rear bumpers were widened 2.5 inches.  The body work was done flawlessly by Alan Greer and Kevin’s goal of widening the Z and keeping the OEM lines were successful.  

Kevin was once against air suspension.  But after not being satisfied with multiple brands of coilovers, he made the decision to go with a cup kit.  Kevin eventually made his way to a full air suspension kit from  Air Lift performance with Accuair E-level management installed at Elite Motives.  The Nismo kit is accented by the Carbon Signal lip kit.  

Kevin is apart of a group called Team Untamed in Georgia.  These guys have rejuvenated our hope that nice cars will continue to come out of the South.  The younger generation seems to be set on quick fame by building a car with just basic modifications.  Team Untamed focuses on making sure their cars are put together the best way possible, and not accepting shortcuts.  And not just stopping with the basics.  


We are happy to see that the younger generation will be able to keep our region thriving with quality builds.  

Kevin’s 370Z Nismo will be going through some changes for 2015, and we will be there to show you the new look.  Thanks for looking.

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