Chris Melde’s Datsun 240Z

Photos By: Robbie Jordan


The south is a place full of hidden gems; treasures amongst trash that have been forgotten and tucked away in barns and garages just waiting to be discovered. It is up to our generation to rekindle the past and save these prizes from being forgotten forever. That’s exactly what Chris Melde did with his one-owner 1970 Datsun 240z.


Who doesn’t love the classic styling of Datsun’s staple S30 Z? That’s what we thought. Chris has assembled one of the cleanest 240z’s around. Style cues from its over seas sister can be seen throughout the z from front to back. Japanese Automobile Federation medallions, fender mirrors, headlight covers, Fairlady Z badges, and of course the minty Work Equips, all the pieces to complete the look of this classic JDM puzzle.


It’s not always about a complete factory restoration more than bringing something back to life. Making it new and relevant, while retaining the old. Sure you can swap an LS motor into almost anything and make mind-blowing power, but there’s nothing like getting on the heavy-breathing, triple weber fed, inline-six.


The fresh Work Equip 01’s fit perfectly under the factory body of the Z. No bolt on flares or loads of negative camber needed here. Chocolate and peanut butter are a tough sell compared to how well the Equips are paired with Chris’ Datsun.


This kind of build tells us of the days when driving was more than just a way to get around. When the smells and sounds of the motor where much more intriguing than satellite radio. Days when driving wasn’t necessarily easy, but it sure as hell was fun.


So keep an eye out for those gems because there’s nothing in the world like putting around in an old Datsun.



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