Southern Roots Spring 2015 – Kentucky

On the second Sunday of April, car enthusiasts of all kinds traveled to Bowling Green, Kentucky, for a homegrown car show.

That show, known as SouthernRoots, is in its third year of hosting shows, with the first show held in July of 2013 in Louisville, Ky. The organization of SouthernRoots came from multiple groups joining forces: SoKy Crew, Tailored Lifestyle, and SoDope Lifestyle.
For the 2014 show season, SoKy held a spring meet in Bowling Green, Tailored Lifestyle hosted the summer meet, and SoDope Lifestyle hosted the fall meet.
Now for 2015, they’re going to keep the same schedule, but just under the umbrella of SouthernRoots.

April’s meet, SouthernRoots Spring Show, brought owners of imports and domestics together for the love of all things automotive.
Event promoter, Martin Galang says that’s all they’re out to do. “We didn’t create the show for a profit,” he says, “but rather to unite the car scene young and old, no matter what make of vehicle you drive.” For Galang, car shows bring him back to simpler times. “We all miss those days when we used to go to parking lots and meet old and new friends to discuss cars. Inherently, we are trying to bring the car scene back to its ‘roots.’”

There was definitely a large turnout for the meet. Miatas, Mustangs, muscle cars, VWs, you name it and it was probably there.

Dalton brought out his MK1, though it’s a little rough around the edges, it’s definitely something we’ll be showing you more of.

There were nearly as many domestic vehicles as there were imports, and this Z/28 was one of the cleaner examples that I’ve seen in a long time.

A few more of the domestics:

Tanner has those Avant Garde wheels sitting just right on his Focus!

Although there weren’t very many trucks at the show, this Procharged Ram was representing the category pretty well.

We’ll be working to bring you guys more coverage of the SouthernRoots meets, the next one will be in Louisville, KY., on June 7.