JCCS 2015: Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach

There’s not much to say about JCCS except “wow.”

Being my first year going, I wasn’t prepared for just how many classic JDM cars and builds I could actually look over and enjoy in one day. The whole ‘Too much of a good thing’ saying just doesn’t apply here. There was everything from little (actually tiny) Hondas, Toyota 4×4 pickups trophy trucks and landcruisers, Datsuns for days, bosozoku builds, and old Japanese motorcycles just reached as far as you could see down the park by the Queen Mary in Long Beach. I will say that walking through a more adult car show (no booth babes, no DJs thumping out EDM and Drake samples, no car parents towing around scraping camber-laden red wagons with children in them) was a welcome departure from the usual party atmosphere of the bigger California meets.

With every pass up and down an aisle of cars we’d find another car, detail, decal, set of wheels, and more tucked away waiting to be found. With an age limit of 25 years, there was nothing newer than the two black Nissan Skylines flanking the International Vehicle Importers booth, which led to a more nostalgic feel through the venue. The lack of new trends really allowed for the classic craftsmanship and tasteful understated mods to shine in the limelight.

I will definitely be going back next year, with more water and sunscreen, and I hope you enjoy my photos from this year.

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